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These 12 Shenaz videos that will make you want to quit your job

Remember the young and vivacious MTV VJ Shenaz Treasurywala who hosted MTVs Most Wanted. Or the chirpy girl from Ishq Vishq? This beautiful lady has taken up travel as full time profession, since 2017. Turned into a vlogger, travels all over the world, gets invited to review resorts, places, indulges in delicious food round the globe, and basically has the time of her life! Sounds like a dream plan, right? And her videos are as crazy as she is! These videos make you want to quit your job and travel around the world.

Solo travelling is still considered unsafe for women. But this girl has broken all the barriers. She has done so many travels in the past year that we can only dream of! Her videos are so exciting that you would love watching them over and over again. She sure gives you some serious travel goals!

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I am an ardent fan and eagerly wait for Shenaz’s videos on Instagram. Even love the way in which she shoots her videos, how she speaks, her energy, her enthusiasm, everything is truly infectious. I have to curated some of my favorite videos from her Insta handle with their links. Enjoy, gals!

These 12 Shenaz videos will make you want to quit your job and travel


Shenaz is an adventure junkie. She visits places and tries all the adventures there.

If you have seen skateboarding in the sea, just have a look at what skateboarding over the sand dunes looks like. And have a look at this adventurous ride in the sand dunes. I had butterflies in my stomach. Did you have? It does inspire you to break the barriers and quit your job!

Dune bashing and skateboarding in Ica, Peru

Now after this video, the next video is of Gliding in Lima, Peru. Oh my God! This is so scary! She inspires you to chase your dreams in this video. Doesn’t that actually make you want to quit your job and start travelling?


Shenaz’s Insta is full of videos of her indulgence in grand hotels. Enjoying a spa treatment or simply relaxing in the bath tub, she knows how to spend her me-time in style and live her life to the hilt!

Check as she experiences the hamam bath at Istanbul:

Have you heard of the Music therapy at Auroville. This video sure inspires you experience it once in your lifetime:

Room tours

Shenaz gets to stay in the room where Lord Mountbatten had stayed. Ananda Spa in the Himalayas is every person’s dream and have a look at how Shenaz enjoys it! This pampering will definitely make go kaput and quit your job to travel!!

Gorgeous Villa in Florence is a beauty! Looks so nice and romantic.

And a look at this tree house in the jungles of Amazon. Staying here will all about getting out of your comfort zone!


Shenaz tries the local food wherever she goes. So when she went to Turkey she enjoyed the kebabs and shawarmas and the lovely Turkish tea.

Have a look at this amazing video Shenaz gets to eat the biggest shawarma sandwich. Yummy for the tummy! This is in JW Marriott Mumbai

Check this video where she eats the world’s most expensive ice cream in Dubai. It costs 3000 Dirhams and has 23 carat gold flakes over it!

How did she do it

Here is her story from her own mouth! Her passion for travel made her quit acting and take travel as a full time profession! If you are stuck in a job you don’t love and you really have a passion for travel, then this video is enough to make you quit your job and travel around the world.

And it is not always beds of roses! You have to work hard to aspire to get what you want. A really inspiring video!

This is my favourite video of hers where she wishes a happy new year and takes a stock of her travels in 2018.

These videos are just a glimpse into what Shenaz does during her travels. For more such videos you can follow her Insta handle: Shenaz Treasury

They might inspire you to break your barriers, quit your job and travel around world to follow your passion!

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