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8 Ways to lose weight Postpartum

Hello lovely ladies! Hope you had an awesome week.

This week I’m back with some tips to lose weight after delivery. Admit it, you have given birth to a bundle of joy. But has the happiness been shadowed by weight gain? As soon as you start gaining weight in pregnancy, you make plans for losing it once baby comes, don’t you? Don’t worry. Here’s a list of what you can do to lose baby weight and look and feel fabulous.

1. ​Start walking


​New mom? Too sleep deprived to think about anything else other than the next sleep session? Fret not! Start walking. Literally anywhere. Around the house, up and down the stairs, around the block. Every step counts. Resist the urge to take the car to the nearby grocery store. Walk there with baby. You will burn calories and the bonus is, the baby will enjoy too! And a wonderful bonding time. Such a win-win situation!

2. ​Breastfeed


​Did you know that you can lose upto 600-800 calories per day by just breastfeeding? Who could have thought that just sitting in one place and feeding the baby could have such wonderful results! A super bond with baby, baby gets tremendous nutrition and you get an excellent excuse to sit and cuddle baby, are just some of the other positives.

3. Dance


​Dancing elevates your mood. Always. You don’t need to be a professional dancer. Just moving your body to beats is dance. Start dancing today. Dance with the baby in a carrier. Dance with baby sitting in a bouncy seat or a swing or a stroller. Dance while cooking. However you do it, it is guaranteed that both of you will enjoy it immensely.

4. Squats


​Squats are extremely effective in strengthening your leg muscles and reducing tummy fat. When you use the washroom, start squatting after doing your business. Start with 10 in the beginning. You can easily reach upto 100 in a few days.

5. ​Exercise with baby


​New moms have no time for going to the gym to work out, obviously. So what do you do? Start working out at home, using baby for weight training! Lift baby, do lunges, bench presses and curls. Watch your muscles develop and your fat melt away

6. ​Watch your intake


​Say a big no to aerated drinks and junk food with empty calories, like chips. Eat healthy, drink lots of water and homemade juices, shakes and smoothies. If you breastfeed, you automatically start thinking and reviewing what you put in your mouth.

7. ​Take naps


​The old adage “Sleep when the baby sleeps” works here perfectly. Just leave all the work aside and sleep with baby. The more relaxed your body and mind is, the more weight you lose. Stress often leads to binge eating and unhealthy food habits.

8. Join a new moms group


​Find new moms who are looking to lose weight too (shouldn’t be too difficult) and form a group. Motivate each other and be motivated by the ones who are on track. Push yourself just a bit more than your limits and you will be surprised at the results.

​This is just a basic list of how you can lose weight postpartum. Before starting any exercise, please be sure to consult your doctor and don’t proceed till you get her go-ahead. Take a step at a time and dont exert yourself too much. Remember, you have brought a new life in this world and there is nothing greater than that.

Have a great week ahead!

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