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Wear same outfit differently!

You know what my greatest problem while going out is? Selecting a dress that I haven’t worn a million times before. And as I have a limited number of dresses, it becomes all the more difficult. But, for my kindred spirits, who don’t have (or don’t like to see) a wardrobe brimming over with clothes, here are some awesome ideas for wearing the same outfit in different ways, and no one will be the wiser!

And what to say of packing! Every vacation has me packing so many dresses in my suitcase that it refuses to shut. So these holidays, I decided to pack light. A travel capsule wardrobe.

We had done a piece on “How to drape a saree in different ways” previously. This article is for other dresses.

Let’s go.


A dress is one of the most versatile pieces of apparel there ever was. In fact, for any holiday, throw in a couple of dresses and you are set. But what if your itinerary comprises of traveling to places with extreme temperatures? Like, you are in Delhi one day, and in Jaipur the next; sweltering heat one day and extremely cold at nights the next. It is a major issue. The main plus point of dresses is that they can be layered and accessorized according to the weather. So you don’t have to worry about carrying a whole truckload of dresses to match every weather. Just a couple, plus a sweater and a light cotton shirt, some leggings and you are fine.


How many pairs of jeans should you carry on a trip? I say 2, my friend says 20. We can settle on 4-5, I think. A light blue, a dark blue, a black, a brown and a green/white (if you are daring enough). That’s literally all you need. Jeans, in India, have come a long way. You can wear jeans with not only shirts and t-shirts, you can pair them with short Kurtis, long Kurtas, A-Line kurtas, dresses, crop tops – the list is endless. Remember the song, “Saiyanji se aaj maine break-up kar liya!” Love Anushka’s long red ethnic dress worn over a pair of jeans. What a lovely combination! I personally have only a couple of pairs and I wear them nearly every other day. With such a versatile and comfy piece of clothing, what else do you need?

Salwar kameez

Salwar kameez is the perfect projection of the typical Indian girl – or that’s what movies say. I don’t mind wearing a salwar kameez occasionally, but it does get tiring after a time. So what do we do to jazz it up? Tie the dupatta around your head like a bandana, wear contrasting dupattas or salwars. You could also dispense with your dupatta and wear a mirror work coat – they are simply beautiful and they bring out the best in your dress. Design the kameez in a hip-hop trendy way, like spaghetti straps, cold-shoulders, or uneven cuts around the knees. Pair with a perfect pair of leggings and nobody can dare say you look like an aunty!


A palazzo is making a comeback in the fashion circuit. I love it for its comfort and versatility. Especially in this sweltering heat! It can be worn with just about anything – a t-shirt, a long kurti or a dress. It looks cool with any pairing and I can’t stop praising its comfort level.


Though a t-shirt has been traditionally paired with jeans, we have extended the rules of fashion to accommodate whatever we want to wear. T-shirts are now a hit with palazzos as mentioned above, as also with Patiala bottoms, cycling shorts, denim skirts and shorts and pretty much everything else. T-shirts also can be accessorized with coats, scarves, light jewelry, jackets – basically anything. Aren’t they super versatile?

Next time you open your wardrobe, you need not feel despondent about having nothing to wear. You can simply mix and match and be on top of the game every single day, and night too.

What’s your comfort wear? Tell us and share your joy with us!

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