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One Perfect  Weekend

Have you seen the Marathi movie Ek unad diwas? It is the story of a corporate tycoon who is forced to spend a day as a common man and he enjoys this day like no other day in his life! A small change in your life or living life differently for a day can make a refreshing change to your life. So, when the 4S group decided to go on an all-girls outing for a weekend they came back all refreshed.
4S! That is what they call themselves. They are Santoor moms of four beautiful girls. They make a wonderful team and have been to trips earlier with their families. Their girls have frequent night outs at their homes. These girls decided to break their daily routine and went out on a small weekend trip to Lonavala and came back all refreshed.

Let’s hear their story from Preeti Beke

How did you plan the trip?

We all wanted a break and this time without our kids and husbands. The closest location was Lonavala and we decided to head towards it. We finalized on a date and a friend of us suggested a beautiful hotel so we booked that and started with our trip.

How did you go?

Unfortunately none of us can drive and hence we hired a driver for the trip. We went in our own car.

What all fun did you have?

We started at around 9 a.m. on Saturday and first had a delicious breakfast on the way. We then went straight to our hotel. Our hotel was nestled in the woods and although not far from the city, had a beautiful surrounding. We freshened up, had lunch and directly went to Bhushi dam. We played a lot in water. The kid in us was back! We then went to our hotel, had a rocking party, had dinner and then chatted the night out. The next day we trekked to the famous Karla caves. We had so much fun and it was completely relaxing as we were all by ourselves.

What are the takeaways from the trip?

We all loved this change in our life. We spent the whole weekend as per our wishes and it was very refreshing. These kind of breaks are required to make you work with vigor!
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Any plans to have more trips in future?

Yes, for sure! And many of my girlfriends are also inspired to take such small breaks. I plan to go on such trips with my other girls’ gang too.
Have you girls been on such a trip? Or are you caught in the work-family routine? Do you want to break that monotony? Get some time for yourself and get a small break and plan a quick trip!

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