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7 Things To Do With Your Bestie This Monsoon

Many friends come and go; but best friends stick around always! From growing up together to sharing life’s roller coaster to making life more bearable and exciting, we have her on our nerves! You can think of so many special things to do with your bestie!

From your first crush to that nasty breakup they have heard it all.

But thanks to your busy routines and married life, even having a best friend on your side, many of us lose connection with them and take this special person for granted.

This monsoon showers, let’s get back to our ‘real’ Bae and strike off the things in bucket list with them!

Here’s how you can kick start the Monsoon and get back to your nostalgic memories together…

1.  Origami activities

Get back to childhood and put those crafty skills at slay!

Flip the old boats and make frogs and swans instead! Let the muddy puddle be surprised with your insane flora fauna.

Check the link below to make amazing paper umbrellas!

2.  Hot Coffee Dates

A mug of hot brewing coffee in that amazing windy weather with our Bestie at side is always an appetizer for a bunch of piping gossips!
Pour in those “You know ….” series girls!
(P.S. – You can also try Vodka dates instead to hear out the ‘real’ stuff!! Winks!!

3.  City Spree activities

This monsoons, take cycles on rent instead of your mopeds to go on wanderlust with Bae.
Lush green trees and splattering rains will only make things better and beautiful!
Do not forget to carry raincoats though!

4. Get Drunk! 

There is nothing better than getting off feet at a reliable place! And your Bestie’s house is the safest!
With the stormy rains at the background, pull out the wild side in you while you groove to the deadliest songs in a row!
Give in a shot for the very own ‘Old Monk’ and see the difference in minutes! Winks!

5. Umbrella Painting activities

This is another out of box idea to spoil your hands like a pro! Put those crafty brains to work and create a designer umbrella!
You never know, your art may be soon branded!!
Check this YouTube link for more ideas;


6.  Movie Marathon fun activities

Turn your Netflix on.
If you hate rains, there is nothing like resting those heavy legs on the couch to binge in your favorite movies in a single go!
Meanwhile, you can also indulge in a selfie session too!

7.  Pakoda Competitions

Get into a unique pakoda making challenge with your Bestie and pamper her with your cooking skills.
Besties, who gain weight together, sway together!

So girlies, ready for a thundering monsoon?

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