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Decluttering Guide 2: Minimalist Housekeeping

There are a number of blogs available for perfect cleaning, decluttering, laundry, housekeeping, DIYs and what not guides!! This makes the task of housekeeping really overwhelming at times!! ​Blogger Meredith Ethington created “A Real Mom’s Guide To A Clean House.” This genius method includes steps like “pick up all stuff on floors and shove them in a closet” and “consider dusting, but just laugh.” ‘Minimalist housekeeping’ at its best!!

How to implement minimalist housekeeping?

Jokes apart, but this is so true! We don’t need our house to be magazine-perfect. We just need to be able to make some sense out of the chaos.

So here are our few tips for minimalist housekeeping, feel free to add more to the list –

Quit perfectionism

You don’t have to be perfect all the time. We are not getting a prize for clean and perfect house! So you can clean the house, but need not always ‘Monica’ clean it, if you know what I mean!!

Start with the tops

Try keeping all the tops clean. Its ok if your closets are a mess. You can tackle them one at a time. This kind of minimalist housekeeping can go a long way in keeping your mind sane. You can always schedule the closet decluttering at a later date.

Prioritize decluttering as a part of minimalist housekeeping

Cater to the mess one day at a time, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Prioritize your decluttering. For example – If your bills are pending, then your desk should be the first area of decluttering priority. Doing it one at a time helps.

Delegate tasks in housekeeping

Count the members in your family and allocate tasks. Believe me, they love to feel needed and important in the family too!

Kids are going to be messy

It’s so much better if you keep saying this in your mind!! It is very important to discipline your kids to clean their room and organize their space. But remember the best fun we had when we were small was while creating the mess and not organizing it. Let them be messy, they are capable enough to clean after themselves.

Declutter your shopping list

Try not to buy too many things just for the sake of shopping or show off. Remember you are the one who has to clean it up later on.

Schedule some cleaning and decluttering

Scheduling the day for cleaning and decluttering and all the housekeeping work helps achieve the objective in an organized manner. But do not forget to keep some time for yourself.

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Does this list make sense? Hope this might reduce your pressure of decluttering and housekeeping!! The crux is we should be able to enjoy doing what we do and not be overstressed by its thought.

Do you agree? If yes, then do leave your comments on the blog here.

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