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Keep The #CoupleGoals Alive

Thanks to the over-hyped schedule we have, keeping #Couplegoals alive is a task. You sometimes have to stay back for office projects. Also, with kids hovering over your we-time, you can hardly breathe! Living a monotonous schedule hurts your brain and peace of mind, resulting in rising frustration and no room for intimacy.

It’s time you come out of your busy shell to shower some time on yourselves. Its time you indulge in the smallest of the gestures with Bae, celebrating togetherness each time you look into each other’s eyes.

Here are a few mandatory checkpoints to keep the #couplegoals alive and calm your heart right away!

#Couplegoal #1 A Movie Night

Who doesn’t like movies and those series of episodes tucked in a warm blanket!

Make every Friday a movie date with your better half as you tuck your kids to bed and cherish the theatre at home else pull your car keys out as you head towards a late-night show with him on the side!

#Couplegoal #2 Every Weekend Is A Date Night

A candlelight dinner says it all or even a simple coffee date to rewind your memories does magic!

A quite time with your loved one sharing your thoughts and mind is enough fuel for the upcoming tempering week.

Make it a point to dress like a damsel as you step out on the dance floor with him as you gear up for pub hopping sessions and gulp your tensions away!

#Couplegoal #3 Call Over Friends And Family

Meeting as a #couplegoal team and interacting with folks makes it feel all better!

If cooking is your forte, forget laziness and take your husband for a ride in the kitchen as you cook food for your guests in the evening.

We-time plus Us-time is an added benefit here girls!

Also, boasting your togetherness only blends the bond much deep!

#Couplegoal #4 Go On Nowhere Drives

Sudden plans are the best unplanned moments for your impromptu memories come live!

Go on nowhere trips and get lost with the maps to your rescue!

Finding the way back home is a real task and trust me you will enjoy all of it when together!

#Couplegoal #5 Give Monthly Getaways A Priority

Calculate your budget spree and make the rush to eternity!

Be it a weekend farm-stay or slaying it in star-gazing camp, plan activities you would love to indulge in as you live your bucket-list!!

Because life is much better when you are in a bay of beauty with Bae!

Girls, from January on, keep the spark between the two of you strong! Keep the #couplegoals alive!

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