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Stay fit – tips by Rujuta Diwekar

It is by default, a mandatory New Year resolution for each one of us, to lose weight, reduce tummy inches, become more fit, diet and exercise regularly. We start with a bang, with extreme cuts in our food, and twice the exercise we regularly do, and then somehow, within a week or two, our enthusiasm dwindles down. We start finding excuses for why we are not able to follow the diet and exercise, and the resolution fades out!

How many of you can relate to this? I’m pretty sure, almost all of you can! The key word to remember here is consistency. If you set yourself an unachievable target, you will not be able to follow it through. But, set yourself some standard, doable targets, and you will be more likely to follow them throughout the year.

Rujuta Diwekar, a well-known celebrity nutritionist and fitness expert has been into the limelight ever since she helped Kareena Kapoor achieve a zero figure. Her fitness advice is full of common sense and the love for organic food that is locally produced. She has some simple tricks up her sleeve that can help us attain our goals to some extent. Let us have a quick overview of these tips and tricks that she suggests to have a rocking body.

1. Eat after every 2 hours

This is the most important advice as eating frequently not only keeps us full but also increases the rate of metabolism. Just make sure the food portions that you eat are small.

2. Exercise regularly

According to Rujuta, one must exercise every 3.14 days (Rule of Pi) if exercising daily is not possible. She is also a strong advocate of yogic exercises.

3. No processed or junk food

There is a blanket ban on all the processed and so-called low-fat foodstuffs. Instead, she advises to have regular food in correct portions.

4. Eat local, think global

Eating locally produced food has multiple benefits like our body can assimilate it better, the local economy is supported and it is also beneficial for the environment. So if you are in south India have the idlis with sambhar and momos in Ladakh without feeling guilty.

5. Balanced diet

To keep healthy our body needs carbs, fats, proteins along with the essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is vital to eat all kinds of food in moderation. Just make sure you are eating home-cooked food instead of pastries, biscuits and colas.


Apart from these tips, foods like ghee, milk, pulses, locally grown fruits and vegetables, regular rice, tubers, coconut, etc. are some of the strongly recommended foods by her. Incorporate these tips into your daily diet and get fit easily!

Does this sound more practical? Your fitness plan suddenly seems achievable now, doesn’t it? Follow us on, #fitnessfridays, to get more such tips in the coming year. Let’s get fit together!

We would love to hear back from you. Post your comments on the blog below, or write to us @ [email protected]. See you next Friday! Stay fit… Stay beautiful!

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