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5 Beautiful Reasons why you should Meditate

Hello lovely ladies! Hope you had a wonderful week. I am sure after reading the topic you were like; meditate – why should I! And of course where is the time!! I know, I get it.

In our everyday hectic lives, do we really stop? I mean, can we afford to? It is such a fast-paced environment around us that the minute we blink, we are out of the race, isn’t it?
When did we become like this? Forget stopping and smelling the roses, we don’t even notice the greenery around. It’s always one thing after the next, always on the go, never-ending, day after day.
My whole last month was hectic, but the last week incredibly so. I couldn’t sleep, just shoveled in food at mealtimes, jumped around from one unfinished work to another. Needless to say, I ended up extremely frustrated and tired and ill-tempered.

benefits of meditation

Then, I stumbled upon an article about meditation on a social networking site. It was like godsend. What is meditation other than what we advocate here: me time? I started right away, and though it takes some time to really get used it (mind you, it is damn difficult to force your mind to stop thinking about the pending tasks!) and found gratification within a few days.

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5 beautiful reasons of why you should meditate

Meditation is a habitual and long-term process of training your mind to focus and redirecting your thoughts towards positivity. People meditate on a regular basis experience beneficial changes like happier moods, positive outlook towards life, good sleep patterns and self-discipline.

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Here are some benefits of meditation.

Reduces Stress

​Stress is one of the most common reasons people meditate. Meditation has worked for a large number of people as a stress reliever. Mental and physical exertion causes rise in the stress hormone, cortisol and consequently inflammation-promoting chemicals called cytokines. This leads to disturbed sleep, promotes depression and anxiety, increases blood pressure and fatigue. A technique called “mindfulness meditation” significantly lowers stress levels. Meditation is also known to reduce stress-related health conditions.

Develops Emotional Health:

Meditation leads to a positive outlook on life. People who have been practicing meditation regularly for more than three years have noticed significant changes in themselves and their take on various incidents in their lives. Inflammatory chemicals, cytokines, affect mood to cause even depression. Meditation decreases these chemical levels and reduces depression.

Meditation improves Attention Span:

When the mind is at unrest, it is very difficult to concentrate on a single issue. The mind remains agitated and jumps from one thought to another, not allowing to finish any work successfully. Meditation, when practiced for a long time, helps the mind to focus on what it wants to focus on and eliminate superfluous thoughts. It helps to redirect and maintain attention. As less as 4 days is enough to have an effect.

Benefit of Meditation is reduction in Age-related Memory Loss:

What is benefit of meditation – you ask? To remain young forever – I answer!! No kidding! As your attention span and clarity of thought increases, your mind remains younger. Chanting a mantra with repetitive motion of the fingers, also called Kirtan Kriya, is a proven way to improve focus and memory. Chanting is also known to cure people suffering from old age dementia. Regular meditation increases mental clarity too.

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Generates Kindness:

Meditation increases positive thoughts about self and others. A particular type of meditation called Metta, increases kindness towards yourself first then consequently spreads towards others. Through regular practice of this meditation, people are able to let go of old unwanted baggage by forgiving others, even enemies. It also reduces social anxiety, marital conflicts and helps anger management.

benefits of meditation

I have tried to meditate and it had a really soothing, calming effect on me. I began to sleep well, my frustration decreased significantly.

Have you tried it? Willing to try? Please tell us! Let us all take a few moments from our frenzied life, to stop and stare at the blooming flowers around us, and restore some peace and sanity to our minds!

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Peace to your hearts! Stay calm, stay fit, stay beautiful!

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