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Embrace your pregnancy fashionably

Hello lovely ladies! How was your week?

We had gone shopping for the baby last weekend. As usual, instead of going to the relevant section, I roamed around and eventually stumbled upon the maternity wear section. Not that I need maternity wear or anything, but I might need it in the future, right? So I just casually looked around if I could see something nice that I could buy.

All the dresses were dowdy, oversized and the prints were unflattering. Did you know that we could wear pretty dresses while we are pregnant too? Here are some do’s and don’ts we have to remember while selecting clothes when we are pregnant.

Do Embrace Your Bump:

​Being pregnant is not a disease. You are bringing a new life in this world. Nothing to be ashamed about, right? Flaunt your bump to the world.

Don’t Compromise On Your Original Style:

​Don’t wear something which is absolutely trendy but you are not comfortable in. Only if you are comfortable in your dress, can you look good. True beauty is in confidence and you can be confident only when you wear clothes in which you are comfortable. Select your maternity wear based on your personality.

Do Try Different Prints:

​Prints can actually distract the eye from the bump and stripes, when wisely chosen, can make you look slimmer and take attention away from the bump.

Don’t Avoid Buying Fashionable Clothes:

​“It’s only 9 months,” many people may say. Many even advocate wearing loose clothes throughout pregnancy. Don’t give in to the temptation! You deserve to look awesome during pregnancy. Wear sexy clothes that flatter your new body and gain the confidence to travel on this new journey of life.

Do Wear Chunky Jewelery And Suitable Accessories:

​This is one of my personal favourites. Be it a chunky locket or a glittery bracelet, go ahead and wear it. It adds oomph to your look and makes you feel gorgeous. Your gynecologist would have asked you not to wear high heels, but you can still rock in flats, sandals, gladiator shoes, the choices are still endless.

Don’t Avoid Wearing Bright Colours:

​Wearing bright colours accentuate your bump. Let that not be a reason to wear only dark colours. Wear light, floaty, bright summer dresses and bring out your inner goddess!

Do Try Layering:

​Layering, if done the right way, doesn’t make you look fat. Wear a jacket over your dress and you are set. Otherwise, you can go for a scarf, stole or a long cardigan and complete your look.

Don’t Forget To Wear Your Attitude:

​You are creating a new life, never forget that! It is not an easy thing to do, by any means. Whatever you decide to wear, wear your confidence alongside. You will feel like a goddess without any effort!

Do Stop Comparing:

Yes, there are celebrities nowadays who proudly flaunt their pregnancy. Everywhere you look, they are present, showing off their baby bump. Of course, they look gorgeous. But never, ever compare yourself with them. Just remember that they are in the show business where looks are everything. You are beautiful too, always remember that!

​So ladies! No need to wear baggy clothes and look unattractive now. Pregnant or not, you are gorgeous and beautiful. Go ahead, flaunt your bump in style! Do post your pics with your baby bump in the comments.

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