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Maldives vacation For the Honeymooners

As October starts rolling into November, we all wish for those relax times on a beach. And, guess what would be great now? A Maldives vacation!
“I need a break”… Was the first thing that came to my mind…
Just then my friend called. She is a married lady with 2 beautiful kids.
“I am going off to Maldives with my husband” she said. Talk about coincidence!
“Oh! Wow! Just the two of you?” I gushed. “What about the kids?”
“We have asked their grandparents to take care of them. After all we too need some quality time.”
What a wonderful idea, I thought! It would be such a nice break and they would come back all rejuvenated. Travelling with family is fun but it’s more fun and easy when you are just the two of you!

Why do you stay in prison, when the door is so wide open?

– Rumi

This series of romantic destinations is just for you and your BAE. There is something about a beach that incites romance, I think. Just lazing around the whole day on a pristine beach, a glass of wine (or a bottle of chilled beer) and your loved one is exactly what you look for in a vacation! When you think of the romantic beach destinations, Maldives is the one that comes to your mind instantly. So here are few tips about Maldives vacation for the ‘honeymooners’!

Maldives Vacation for the Honeymooners

Maldives: How to get there

​Visa is on arrival for all tourists in Maldives. There are easily accessible flights from all the metros in India to the Male international airport, Maldives on MakeMyTrip.
After that depending on the hotel that you have booked, you will either be taken by a boat or a seaplane. Travelling through the seaplane would be yet another experience as you would be able to see the bird’s eye view of the beautiful islands. A word of caution though. The seaplane flies only in the day time and hence if you are going to get there at night then plan a night’s stay at Male.

Where to stay in Maldives

​You have three options to stay in Maldives.

Resorts and Water-villas:

Maldives is a country of islands and hence most of the hotels in Maldives are such that a single hotel owns the island. You have to select the hotel wisely as that is what you will get on your holiday in Maldives. The hotels are either on the beach or on the waters or in the interiors of the island. The price of the hotels vary depending on the type of hotel. The resorts offer all the facilities like gym, spa, tennis courts, live music, candle light dinner and water sports like windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking etc. The food spread will be huge. A tip here is to choose an all-meals inclusive plan for your stay as the food in Maldives is pretty costly since they have to import most of the food except fish and coconut from other countries. Hence you should not be shocked with the huge bills after a lovely vacation.

Use MakeMyTrip for easy hotel booking!

Guest House:

If you are tight on budget then this would be a good option. You will get a chance to mingle with the local folks and explore the local culture.


If you are an adventurist looking for an offbeat holiday then board the cruise. You would get to explore the deserted islands and offbeat locations with this stay.

Do check out our post on Celebrity travels for travel inspiration!

What to eat/drink during your Maldives vacation

​Maldives is a paradise for seafood lovers! Try the fish dishes, prawns and crabs and you will get the yummiest dishes for your tummy here. You can also try Maldives cuisine (to know more click here)!
One thing to note is, you get alcohol only in the restaurants/resorts. You won’t get it in any shops outside. Also, you are not allowed to carry the alcohol you get in the resort, outside its premises. So, keep this in mind, before you make any plans for any drunken night parties on the beach.

Sightseeing in Maldives Vacation

Maldives offers something for all kinds of visitors.
  • For couples looking for romantic holiday, the white sandy beaches, the azure sea waters, and exotic, colorful coral reefs provide loads of wetime. You can enjoy the sea with the romantic candle night dinners! Long walks and deep conversations here are something to be enjoyed deeply and cherished in your memories.
  • If you are looking to have some fun and masti, you can book an island hopping tour, do some water sports like wind surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving. Check out the whale watching tours planned there. During anytime of the year, the coral reefs are inhabited by about 10-12 different species of dolphins and whales. The waters are so clear that you will see the beautiful sea world on your trip below water.
  • If you are looking for relaxation there are many spa getaways available on the island. There are ayurvedic treatments available for those looking for inner healing. Yoga and meditation centers are also there for de-stressing.
You can research for your itinerary on this official website and plan your holiday the way you want it!
You can spend the time sun-basking with a good book in hand or have some quality time with your loved one!

Best time to visit Maldives

Maldives is hot and humid throughout the year. The best time to visit is from November to April. After that, it gets too hot for us.
Maldives is known as one of the safest destinations to travel to around the world. Yes, even the most remote islands. So, you can easily plan your itinerary around here. Office, kids, household chores make sure that honey and moon are never together. When was it that you and your husband had the much deserved “Wetime”! A long time ago you say? Then, please pack your bags and get ready to go to this heaven!
Love is in the air, and Maldives vacation is calling…
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