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Try Under Water Sea Walking in India

Are you a water baby? Have you tried snorkeling or scuba diving? There are many of us who are fond of water but do not know swimming. We still very much want to explore the underwater world. Under water sea walking is a perfect activity for people like us! Check out the details right here on Femme Fiesta and put it on your bucket list of me time activities.

Who all can try sea walking?

People of any age group can experience under water Sea walking. The only restrictions are for for asthama patients, patients with heart ailments and pregnant women.

How to do sea walking?

After signing the wavier form, the trainers give you a helmet looking like a space helmet. They explain about how to do equalization and keep your head straight. This helmet is connected with a special apparatus for breathing underwater. Although, it weighs around 40 kgs, it does not feel so under water.

The trainers teach you signs that would be used for communication below water. Then, they take you to a particular spot in the sea in a boat and then guide you into the water. Though the pipe would still remain over the water as you move below in the sea. The trainers help you to walk under the sea level almost touching the sea bed. This journey is totally into a different world under water!

Where is under water sea walking done in India?

 North Bay Island, Andaman

North Bay Island was the first to come up with the under water sea walking in India and  is a well known water adventure destinations. Your tour begins from Andaman Water sports complex. You board a boat to North Bay Island after which you are taken to Sea Walk platoon. As you transcend down the waters, get ready to witness the corals,reefs and the variety of sea water world. You experience some weightlessness and feel as if you are walking on moon. Your photos are clicked by the agency after which you get a complimentary CD in your package.

Check this video

Elephant Beach, Andaman

Elephant Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Havelock Island of Andaman. Although, there are wide variety of water sports to try out here, however sea walking is the most famous one due to the under water corals and reefs. You can reach the Elephant beach from the Havelock Jetty. After getting the instructions, you would be all set to dive in the world of fishes, corals and reefs.

Check the video below:

Baina Beach, Goa

Goa a coastal heartthrob of the nation. How can we not experience the sea walking in Goa? You can get this facility at the Baina beach. You go in a boat to the the beach near Piccanye Island. This island is densely forested and uninhabited. Here, you would get to see a lot of fishes and corals as you descend down the water while trying out sea walking.

See this beautiful video for the same –

Do not miss this opportunity to try this activity and watch the under water world closely!

Have you already tried sea walking? Do share your photos/videos with us!

Happy traveling!! Think Metime!


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