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Offbeat Travel in Goa – Beyond beaches and Parties

Goa is an annual ritual for many, but how many of you have explored Goa other than the beaches? The usual Goa plan goes like relaxing at a beach with some beer, sea food and water sports and partying at the pubs at night. Of course being a beach bum is the best way of relaxation and you get loads of Vitamin Sea. But there is lot to Goa beyond beaches and parties!

So let’s explore in the blog of what all would you explore on a offbeat travel in Goa:

Stay by the river:

Ditch the typical stay and live by the river in a quaint village during your travel in Goa. Experience the local lifestyle and spend your day kayaking at the river or cycling around the quaint lanes. A friend of mine stayed at the below home stay and had fun. Check out this link –

Explore the islands:

There are many islands in Goa. The quaint island of Divar will take you back to the Portuguese era. There are ferries carry you free of cost to the island.There are cycles on the island with which you can take rides in the island and explore the greenery around. There is a beautiful church on the top and the view from top of the island is simply amazing.You can also carry your car to the island at a meagre cost of RS 10/- at the island.

Another island of Charao has the famous Salim Ali Bird sanctuary. People love to go on the island for bird watching.The Salim Ali bird sanctuary has as many as 400 Indian and other migratory birds.The ride to the island is also a beauty with a journey through dense mangrove forestation.

You can also go on the Butterfly and Honeymoon island near Palolem to get a clean unmatched experience of the clean sea with the beautiful views and of course less crowd.

Visit the UNESCO world heritage sites:

The entire area of Old Goa has many sites which are recognized as UNESCO world heritage sites. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is the most visited church in Goa. Just a few kms from this church are the beautiful unexplored churches. Visit old Goa to feel the charm of real Goa.

Explore the colorful alleys of Fontainhas:

Explore Fontainhas during your travel in Goa. The colorful area of Fontainhas which are the Latin quarters will take you to the lanes of Europe. The roads are clean, buildings are colorful and immaculately made. The most insta-worthy location also is the house to many wonderful cafes and restaurants. Just take a guided tour to Fontainhas or explore it on your own. When you are tired relax at the beautiful cafes. And remember there is nothing like too many pictures in this place!

Check the Navy Museum:

This military museum showcases the rich history of the Indian Naval forces. You get to see fighter jets, helicopters, armaments, weapons, sensors etc. which are used by the Indian Navy. It has vintage photographs too! Also, there is a replica of INS Viraat warship as well as a mini AV room for the kids to explore. This place is a must visit place especially for the kids.

Visit the Spice Gardens:

Goa is known for its cashews. Goan trip is incomplete without buying a packet of Cashews. But Goa has wide variety of other spices too. The spice tour is a fantastic experience especially for the kids. It takes you close to nature. The spice gardens have as many as 50 varieties of spices. They explain you the medicinal use of these spices. They also show you how the traditional Goan Feni is made. The organic lunch at these spice gardens is lipsmacking and should not be missed. And if all this is not enough, get ready to bath the elephants in the spice garden or simply enjoy the elephant ride. There are many spice farms in Goa the famous one being Sahakari spice farm goa. Please see the link below for more info:

Go restaurant hopping:

Goa is synonymous to sea-food and there are a wide variety of sea-food restaurants in Goa. Martin’s Corner, Fisherman’s Wharf, Fisherman’s Cove, Ritz Classic, Zeebop, Fat Fish… the list is endless. Plan a food trip just to enjoy to delicacies from these various restaurants.


Now must agree that Goa has many things beyond beaches and parties. I have planned a Goa tour and I am including all these places in my trip. What about you?

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