Think Me-Time

Here’s Your Daily Me Time Scheduler!

Today we present you a me time scheduler for you amazing girls out there!

Tired, drained and lost; yet on feet to finish the pending chaos spread by kids, putting up a nice hot coffee for your husband and rolling eyes over the final grocery checklist! There is a lot to do and we superwomen do it all!

Where we as woman try to fit in various roles to make different lives easier; why not squeeze space in this busy schedule and fill up the much required Me-Time vacuum!

Here is a daily me time scheduler of much required breaks which should be part and parcel of your day by hook or crook! Start to Think Metime!

Me time activity 1: Masking Mondays

Mask the Monday blues with a nice nourishing face-pack as you fall into the bed with that upcoming to-do-list and budget! Nothing beats self-care, and this one is a must for every woman out there.

Me time activity 2: Tranquil Tuesdays

Say no to your kids and husband and plan for this melodious night all by yourself as you sip that coffee and head-straight to your balcony! Because, tranquility brings in all the peace you miss during a hectic schedule.

Me time activity 3: Make It A Waste Wednesday

Sit, relax and unwind. No cooking, no dishes. Just be with yourself and family. Play chess and snakes and ladders. Because switching roles is an essential a good brain health.

Me time activity 4: Throwback Thursday

Where we keep saying the world to take a break from the social media, surveys support social media to be a great way to distress too! Seeing yourself with all the likes and comments is actually a boon to self-esteem and self-grace! Post a picture of yourself and engage in designing a beautiful caption while you enjoy the online attention. Winks!

Me time activity 5: Fantastic Fridays

Go on a drive! Be it solo or with husband or tagging the entire family along.Nothing beats the pleasure of being oneself with the lustful winds and open roads along. Plus, you might even get an added benefit to set the mood right for the upcoming night! Winks!!

Start following these daily me-time rituals now! Think Me time!

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