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7 Practical discussions to initiate with your bae

We know love is blind! However, ideal the relationship is, every couple hits a bump or two down the road. But here is a list of 7 practical things you cannot ignore if you are starting a long term relationship with someone. ​7 practical discussions to initiate with your bae right now!

When the wedding is on cards, and the journey together is inevitable, happiness knows no bounds! But, amidst the fun and frolic are the goose bumps of starting a new phase together. With shouldering new responsibilities and making life more meaningful as two, there are a couple of things you must adhere to make your marriage a smooth sailing experience.

Read on to know the 7 practical discussions to initiate with your Bae as soon as possible

7 practical discussions to initiate with your bae right now

1. Have separate bank accounts

This is one of the most important practical to initiate with your bae right now.​

‘Jo tera hai wo mera; jo mera hai wo tera’ does not always work!

Being together means to stick around one other in all the difficult situations. But having a Joint Account where you deposit your entire salary is a complete no-no! From having salary differences to using the money for a non- mutual consented activity will only bring more regret and resentments at your doorstep.

Instead, be head clear about your budget and keep transferring a limited portion of pay to take care of your joint ventures. Ladies, you don’t want money to disturb your marital bliss, right?

2. Important practical discussion about Exchanging email passwords

​Okay, we usually must keep a safe distance from our partner’s social accounts. But Email stands an exception to the rule!

Income tax intimation, bank alerts, insurance premium reminders, investment details and many more, emails are flooded with all core updates which need immediate dealings. A double eye on the emails received will only ensure all the compliances are met than being ignored by chance.

The approval for this privacy violation is an important thing to include in your list of practical things to be discussed with your bae right now!

3. Medical check ups and policies

Prevention is better than cure; something which all of us avoid! But, routine checkups are a must! And when you are getting married, these are compulsory!
Get yourselves checked for all illnesses before you plan to get hitched.

You don’t want your partner to suffer from an unexpected sudden shock wave, right? Also, get yourselves a good joint med-claim policy to protect yourselves from those heavy bills of hospitalization!

4. Getaway to a remote location

​Whether you have known him since years or met him a few weeks ago, the more you travel, the better you know a person. Because travel always throws us surprise curve-balls!

From his planning skills to the way he adjusts to different situations, from his choices to his mood swings, all come as an open book especially when you don’t have technological access and support!

Explore as many places you can before you get married if you can’t manage long trips in the courtship period. This we-time will not go waste for sure.

Schedule your couple time by downloading Think Me-time app from Google Playstore

5. Safety checks on whereabouts

​We keep refraining from this, thanks to our over confidence!

But keeping each other in a loop about one other’s whereabouts will only add to our safety and reduce their stress. Share your taxi numbers, bus numbers while you are travelling, email him your hotel address and contact numbers, keep him in a loop about your travel itinerary.

These small efforts will not only strengthen your bond but also help in emergencies. But initiate this practical talk before it turns out to be the reason for your misunderstanding.

6. Important practical discussion about your financial plan

​From when to marry to how much should we spend on the wedding.

From managing household expenses to saving our income and making investments.

Discuss and finalize your plan of action instead of waiting for a situation to arise and leave you in jitters! Let budgeting be an important part of your we-time. Take the steps to initiate this practical discussion right away.

7. Take up a hobby together

Be it swimming, hitting the gym or a sassy zumba session, taking up a joint hobby will always be a thrilling experience to count on. Moreover, the act of practicing something in your we-time will build up more of ‘Us’ than ‘Me’!

Because a couple who slays together, stays together!! Do this practical discussion at the start of your relationship!

So schedule your joint hobbies in your we-time and you will see that it was worth giving up some of me-time!

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So girlies, are you ready with your action plan? Use this list of 7 practical things to initiate with your bae right now and start your relationship on the right note!

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