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Working mother! Get your Balance back

A working mother’s dilemma is difficult to understand. She has to leave behind her kids all while following her passion. How does she finds balance in this? Fretting hands and nervous eyes is the best description of a working mother leaving her kids behind while she moves out her comfort zone.

Be it a spree to earn the bread and butter or be it on her own powerful will; but having your eye candy waiting at home yet not having them on your side is the increasing challenge for today’s every young working mother!


Apart from the societal pressures going round the clock, the real pressure for a working mother is nothing but to be a glowing star in her children’s eyes! To be weighted as a perfect mother while she plays her circus around!

With reality crumbling you down as a working mother here are a few tips to conquer your two-sided world and shine with pride!

1. Hugs and Kisses All The Day Around

Physical support anchors the emotional well-being of togetherness and yes, this is hell true!

But, if your shifts and increasing work hours are the growing barriers, communicate with the munchkins through your smart phone, girls!

Difficult to establish this routine, but a regular video call from your office will only boost your child’s mental satisfaction of you being available for him!

If your work premises are a hurdle for such calls, make sure you send them enough kisses and love through your messages with your selfie on!!

(P.S.- This tip doesn’t apply to your teens!! You don’t want to embarrass them for sure! Stay Off! Winks!)

2. A Bedtime Routine

Yes, this should be a routine and not occasional good news for your children!

Be it an engaging episode on television or a chit-chat session with your teens; communication is the only key to keep your ways mended and be knitted to one another.

3. Sleep With Them Once A While

Co-sharing your space will wipe out all the fear of loosing each other and a big thing when you are spending hours apart! Buy each other’s time while you set the dice rolling for Monopoly!

Play Uno all night till you fall asleep together!

4. Watch Movies Together

Half of the worldly distance is created between the two of you with two sets of individual mindsets you carry!

Don’t let the kissing scenes and the condom adds be a crunch to your stomach with your teens around.

Let them know you have their back!

5. Work Together!

You shouldn’t be guilty of working when kids hover you around!

You bring your laptop, they bring their papers!

You type, they draw; you make presentations, they paint; you take calls, they do their homework!

Work is worship and have just taught them by setting an example.

6. A Weekly Day Exclusive

Considering you’re the hectic week scheduled by your boss, extract a day for your lovelies!

Just you and your kids!! No husband involved! Winks!!

Where you prepare their favorite dish, plan an elaborate outing, get a haircut done, have dinners, go on a shopping spree and the list continues till you drop for the day!

Planned togetherness is always treasured than the anxiety to be together!

7. Leave Notes and Cards In Their Bedroom

And you don’t need birthdays for this!

Be it your teens or tweens, colorful notes and heartfelt words are enough to bridge the gap between you!

Drop these in their bags or place them under their pillows and see the magic happening!!

8. Respect Their Emotions!

The biggest challenge of all when you are swamp with the work responsibilities.

Attend all their achievements with pride shining on your smile.

Be it a mini sports day, a PTA meeting or the big graduation day; be on the stage, mommies!

Ditch your office for a while, take those unpaid leaves; because whatever the age, they love you and want their mother on their side to share their glows and show!!

And the most important message for you, Working Moms, “keep loving yourselves because we love you!!”


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