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Igloo stay in Manali

Winters, snow, and Igloo – these are some of my favorite things! Igloo Stay is indeed a dream for me. But traveling all the way to countries like Finland, Switzerland, and Canada is not easy. So, when I stumbled over the news of this new Igloo Stay in Manali, I was over cloud nine. I started planning my winter trip to this offbeat destination.

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So let’s explore how to experience this unique Igloo Stay in Manali in today’s blog!!

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Igloo stay in Manali

Where is this Igloo stay:

Keylinga adventures has built the Igloo hotel in Sethan village in Manali. At around 15kms from Manali, it is a 45-minute drive from Manali. You get a beautiful and serene view of snow clad Dhauladhar mountains and Beas river from this tiny buddhist colony. The place has a historical significance as it is said the pandavas stayed here and used the meadows to meditate (Ref: Footloose Dev). The igloo stay here is a childhood dream come true in real sense!

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When and How is it built:

As the snow melts in summers the igloos can be built only from mid January and can remain until mid March.

The owners Vikas Kumar and Tashi Dorje are adventure enthusiasts. On their skii trips they realised that there are no stay options available in the snow. Sleeping in tents in the snow was not comfortable. On one such trip, they built a igloo for themselves and realised that it was much warmer than the tents. Hence, the idea took root of building it for others. They studied the structure in detail along with the temperatures they need to maintain. After they had couple of igloos built with compressed snow, they decided to open it for the tourists.

The igloo has some basic amenities. The inside of the igloo is a bit warmer with  thick foam mattress to sleep upon. You can tuck yourself in warm feather sleeping bags and have a good night’s sleep.There is also a hot water bottle at your disposal.

What are the activities in Igloo Stay in Manali

Keylinga adventures is known for its adventure activities. Your stay package includes these activities. You can learn skiing and snowboarding from the experts or enjoying the latest trend of tubing. You can also go to the snow forests wearing the snow shoes in a guided tour. This activity is known as snowshoeing. All the equipments and snow dress is provided by the organisers and the cost is included in the package.

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The food is included in the package and is lip smacking North Indian food. Imagine eating piping hot Rajma Chawal in the snow. Yummy, isn’t it?


The stay in the igloo and the packages come in various options

  • Day trip: You can make a day visit to the camp and enjoy skiing/ snowboarding or snowshoeing.
  • Stay in igloo for a night: You can enjoy stay in the igloo along with taking lessons on skiing,learning to make igloo and enjoy bonfire at night! Enjoy the food and have a hearty breakfast the next day and then head back to Manali.
  • One day stay in hotel and one day in Igloo camp: This is also a good option as the team arranges for your stay the first day in Manali, arranges local sightseeing tour and the next day you are taken to the igloo camp to follow the same one night stay itinerary.


Isn’t this a dream vacation? Don’t miss this unique experience of Igloo Stay in Manali. Book today right here!

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