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5 Songs You Must Include In Your Feminist Playlist

Music brings peace to life. It gets you back your rhythm and sets the tone of your day.

Music has been my go-to whenever I feel too low. It is my companion in happiness and sadness, in anger and helplessness alike. Music puts my feelings into words and helps me express what I want exactly.

But some songs do irritate me so. Especially those whose lyrics scream misogyny. Doesn’t it happen to you as well?

So here I am, with a list of songs you must absolutely include in your playlist if you are a feminist. It’ll help you when you feel tired constantly fighting patriarchy.

5 Songs You Must Include In Your Feminist Playlist

(Or When Patriarchy Gets You Down)

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Mann Ke Manjeere (Shubha Mudgal)

One of the earliest feminist songs ever. Sung by Shubha Mudgal and featuring Meeta Vashisht, this song speaks about a woman suffering from domestic abuse breaking all shackles and becoming free. My favourite lyrics from the song are –

/Kholi aankhon ki kholi maine paayi apni boli/ Mujhme hi rehti thi meri humjoli re../ Sun lo.. Ab na akeli hoon main/ apni saheli hoon main/ Saathi hoon apni main/

Yes, woman. You can find happiness within yourself!

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Patakha Guddi (Highway)

You definitely need to have this song on your feminist playlist! Patakha Guddi literally translates to “firebrand kite.” While in the movie, it is the excellent Alia Bhatt coming to terms with her own identity, the song is a great way to pep up your mood. The feisty Nooran sisters pack a punch in this song as they tell you to remain young and carefree forever. My favourite lyrics from this song is when they tell you to not give a damn about the world and do you!

/Tu De Har Gali Pe Taali/ Uski Kadam Kadam Rakhwali/ Ainve Lok-Laaj Ki Soch Soch Ke/ Kyun Hai Aafat Daali/

Dhaakad (Dangal)

This song should be an anthem for women all over the world. Women empowerment is the main theme of this song, and does it deliver! It gives you the message very strongly to follow your dreams, society can go to hell for all they like! My favourite lyrics? Why, the whole song is my favourite!

Ziddi Dil (Mary Kom)

The whole movie became controversial because of the whole “Priyanka Chopra was paid more than Mary Kom” debate. However, this song has stayed with me long after the movie and is a part of my feminist playlist. PC does give a powerful performance and Vishal Dadlani’s voice lends her struggle and consequent success a strong voice.

Badal Pe Paon Hain (Chak De! India)

You know the story. The losing Indian Women’s Hockey team makes it to the International Hockey Championship. The story of the underdogs becoming winners. This song plays when these girls, who are sneered at for playing hockey and have to overcome numerous difficulties to get where they are, gain entry into the championship. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. So empowering!


Any songs you think that should be included in this feminist playlist? What do you listen to when you are bogged down by patriarchy?

Share your feminist playlist with us!


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