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Hi lovely ladies! How did your week going? Awesome? Great! Mine too went well except for the time I had to go to a get-together and I realized that I had absolutely nothing to wear.
Well, it indicated shopping pretty clearly. But what should I choose? And where do I shop? You see, I have increased quite a number of inches after child birth. So many that I won’t be able to count it on my fingers. Suffice to say, nothing of my old wardrobe would be of any use unless I wanted to look like a sack of potatoes wearing a belt.I went to a store which stocked dresses for plus size women. A very friendly girl at the store helped me pick out my clothes. Here’s what I learnt there:

Fashion for plus size

1. Plus size can wear white

​This idea that large women cannot wear white is extremely obsolete. What matters is the fit, not the colour. When you choose a well fitting white garment, be it a white ruched top or white jeans, choose one with a solid material and texture. Flimsy clothing will attract attention to the curves you are trying to hide. Rain is also well known for playing a spoilsport when you wear white clothes. Thick whites provide protection against sudden unwanted flashing.

2. ​Button down shirts complement your curves

​Choose button down shirts that are stretchable and designs that create shape patterns. If you want to achieve an even slimmer look, pair your shirt with a jacket, sweater or a cardigan. This reduces the size of your midsection and elongates your body.
Check it out on Myntra here – Button down shorts – fashion for plus size

3. ​Wear stripes

​“Don’t wear stripes,” is what all of us have heard time and again. Naturally, thick horizontal stripes are in no way going to flatter your body. But vertical stripes and asymmetrical stripes (new in the market) definitely will. So go on. Choose that striped shirt you have been longing for.

4. ​Baggy clothes is not a part of fashion for plus size

​Don’t hide those curves with huge clothes. They are just going to make you look like a shapeless elephant. If you are comfy in baggy clothes, limit the usage within the home. Wear well fitting clothes only.

5. ​Prints and colors are a part of fashion for plus size

​It is a common belief that bold prints and bright colours draw attention to your body shape and make you look fatter. Well, this doesn’t hold true anymore. Even a neon green dress with a good cut and fit will flatter you. You don’t need to immediately start looking like a rainbow that walked into a disco. You can start small with bold accessories, an enamel painted locket, a multicoloured stone ring, feather danglers and then slowly transition on to clothes.

6. ​Just sticking to the fashion basics may not be a great idea anymore

​Fashion trends change every other day. If you really like a new trend, no harm in experimenting with it, according to your shape. Never say, “I can’t wear that.” If you don’t try, how will you ever know?

​Well, so these are some things the girl at the shop told me. I eventually picked up a white shirt and black skirt. Before you think “conventional”, I also bought myself a huge owl locket. I’m loving it!

Give me your fashion tips too. I will keep it all in mind, next time I go shopping (which is pretty soon!)

Stay Beautiful! Stay fashionable!

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