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Know More about Reiki

How would you feel if a universal energy took care of your well-being throughout the day, a force that takes care of your comfort and health? Great, right?

Reiki does just that.

Reiki is a technique that originated in Japan and is used to heal trauma – both physical and mental. It also clears our mind and ensures overall spiritual well-being. “REI” means a higher intelligence that surrounds all entities on Earth and “ki” means the energy that flows through everything that is alive, like humans, animals and plants. “Ki” is, in other words, the life force which drives living things. Together, Reiki means a spiritually guided life force.

It is believed that the spiritually guided force flows through the affected parts of a subject and charges them with positive energy. If there are any negative energies or thoughts present within the body, they are flushed out or contained. Thus, negative energies like stress, anxiety, sadness, confusion and even pain are known to reduce, allowing the Reiki healer to clear the energy pathways and fill them with positive energy.

Reiki slowly gained popularity in the late 90’s, with celebrities practicing them for clean living. As it is a technique based on belief, the subject should be willing and open-minded enough to accept a Reiki healing session. Healing via an invisible force is fascinating to many people, and many still do try Reiki as an alternative healing therapy to even conditions like cancer.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is very different from other healing techniques. It actually involves transferring energy from a Reiki master to each student during a process called attunement. This process is necessary, as it opens the head, heart and palm chakras and creates a one-on-one connection between the student and master. This attunement process is a one-time modality. Once you receive a Reiki attunement, it doesn’t wear off and you cannot lose it ever in your lifetime.

Then follow three levels of Reiki – Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Each level has a unique purpose and you need to go through attunement for each level separately.

Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 1 or the First Degree consists of learning the history of  Reiki, proper hand placements, basics of Reiki, how to use it for others and for the self. Self-practice is very important for Reiki students, as it helps them overcome their own personal Issues. However, the most critical part of Level 1 training is getting the practitioner to open their energy channels physically, so that they can connect with the universal life force energy, and let it flow through the crown of the head into the heart and hands. For the uninitiated, this experience causes practitioners to feel various sensations in their hands like heat, coolness, pressure or simply, a tingling sensation.

Level 1 focuses mainly on clearing the practitioner’s body of negative thoughts and helping them heal. It is the first step of a spiritual detox. The attunement of Level 1 often leaves a student feel drained, anxious, with feelings of insecurities and fears come up their subconscious mind.

Reiki Level 2

After a student completes the first level, they feel energized. Their faith is renewed and the belief in invisible forces healing you is strengthened. They are then ready for the second level. It involves learning to draw the various Reiki symbols properly, each of which have a specific purpose, like increasing power, emotional well-being and improving mental balance. These symbols are drawn in midair, so that the student can get the desired frequency from the master, who uses the force to connect more deeply with the universal force.

Level 2 also teaches you how to use Reiki to heal beyond the boundaries of time and space. Thus, you can send positive energy to your loved ones, even if they are living far away from you.

Reiki Level 3

Reiki Level 3 is the last degree of Reiki training. In this level, you have the choice to teach others about Reiki and pass on your knowledge, or you can simply use your training to cure. If you teach others, you will become a Reiki master. If you wish to heal, you become a Third Degree Reiki practitioner.


Reiki has come as a blessing for many people. If you are interested in learning Reiki, you can look around for a Reiki master who will certify you after your training is complete.

Isn’t the thought lovely; using the universal life force and bending it to heal ourselves and others? Do you know any alternative healing techniques? Please share them with us!

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