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The Great Wall of China- A man-made wonder!

When we think of the Wonders of the World, the first name that comes to our mind is Taj Mahal and perhaps the second one that we think of is the Great Wall of China! According to a survey, the Great Wall of China is the most visited wonder of the world by Indians. Easy visa and less air ticket cost is one reason that might have made it so popular amongst Indians.

As we all know the Great Wall of China was built for protection by China in the 7th century from various invaders. The wall is supposed to be so huge that it is seen from the space – which is a bit of an exaggeration perhaps just to tell how magnificent the wall is. The wall is 22,000 kms long and stretches along 7 provinces of China! Huge, isn’t it?

There are some certain interesting facts about the Great Wall of China:

  • One of the ingredient of building the wall was wet rice. No wonder it is recognized as the superfood now!
  • The wall isn’t a single structure as we think of it to be. It is a collection of series of walls.
  • The Great Wall of China was also built by prisoners. Surprising but true! The prisoners were given a task to build the wall as a part of their punishment.

How to reach:

The most popular section of the wall is the one near Beijing. Beijing is well connected with India through air.

Things to Do:

The wall stretches along the mountains, valleys and deserts. There are various sections in the wall that you can see. Badaling is near Beijing and is one of the popular place visited for the Great Wall. But it is crowded with visitors.

Mutianyu section of the Wall is a couple of hours near Beijing is considered to be second most popular section of the wall. The section is one of the well maintained section and is ideal for tourists. It also has facilities like cable car, a toboggan ride and chairlift for ascending and descending. Another reason for it being popular is that it is located in one of the most picturesque location with green valleys all around.

Let’s explore this Mutianyu Region:

Cable car:

You can reach the top of the wall with the Cable car ride. There are a few watchtowers up the wall and it will take you up to watch tower 14. The cable car ride is a thrill in itself as the climb is really steep and if you are scared of heights, then you might think of climbing instead!


The chairlift is an open chair accommodating 2 people. It will allow you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and will take you to tower 6. It is surely a must try experience!

The walk:

Once you are on the wall, you can walk as far as you wish to. As the wall is built on mountains and valleys, you will get a steep climb at some places and slopes at others! There are a few points till which people usually go. If you are an enthusiast, you can think of exploring further. The environment has impacted the wall and a few parts of the wall have now broken. Hence, you might experience some uneven path in your journey. What you see around will leave you spellbound! The thick forest and the beautiful landscape is what you will wish to store in your eyes and hearts forever!

Toboggan ride:

If you are tired of walking around the Great Wall, you can take a Toboggan ride to go down again. The ride is available between gate 5 and gate 6. The toboggan ride is smartly constructed using the acceleration by the use of gravity. You can also control the toboggan using smart controls. The ride is fun and isn’t scary at all! Do enjoy it for sure.

Where to stay:

You can stay near Mutianyu as there are hotels near the place or choose to stay at Beijing.


What to eat:

There are plenty of food stalls at the Great Wall and do try the Chinese food there. If you are traversing in some wild area of the wall, it is advisable to carry some food and water along with you.

Best time to visit:

Spring and autumn is considered to be the best time to visit this place as you can get the best views of the nature here. Any season is good but summers should be avoided to save from the scorching heat. Similarly, winters are too harsh and hence must be avoided.


There are other thrill opportunities as well available in the various Regions of Great Wall of China:


Paragliding at Simatai:

Simatai region is considered to be the best to see the Great Wall, however it is the toughest. You can definitely try paragliding here and you jump from 300 meters above and can see the beautiful views of the wall as well as the region here. Once you land down, you can also consider hiking up to the Great wall.


Great Wall Marathon in May:

You can join the marathon which is held in May every year and test your endurance. The Marathon is for 42 kms and the hills and slopes make it one of the toughest Marathon.


Biking the Great Wall of China:

This is a real challenge as there are narrow roads, steep slopes and climbs which you have to conquer.


If you are planning to visit the 7 Wonders of the World, and you’ve already seen the Taj Mahal, this destination would be the perfect next choice.

Keep traveling, and keep writing to us about your sojourns! Love to hear back from you!

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