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6 Things You Should Follow For Luscious Hair

Who doesn’t love thick hair? Thick hair is a sign of good health, of course, but it also adds a certain elegance to your entire personality.

Sadly, pollution and lack of time for proper haircare is resulting in lot of heartburn, as you see your hair breaking before your eyes. If you are unconsciously looking at people having thick hair and coveting it, it’s time for you to take things in your hands and start following some habits which will make a difference.

6 Things You Should Follow For Luscious Hair

Forget those pricey hair treatments that cost a bomb and do little and instead, go for these techniques which can be done within the comfort of your home.

Avoid heat styling

Heat styling is inevitable. You have to use your curlers and straighteners some time. But use them as rarely as possible. Use steam rollers, as what top hair stylists say. Steam rollers are gentle on your hair and don’t get hot. But if you absolutely have to use your blow dryer, use a heat protectant that minimizes damage to the hair.

Keep your hair clean

Just as excessive shampooing dries out hair, no shampooing damages hair too. Dirty hair only causes oil buildup and eventual hair fall. In general, if you live in a polluted city and travel often, or have oily hair or workout daily, you must wash your hair every day. If you live in a relatively less polluted area, you can wash your hair twice a week. If you have normal or combination hair with oily roots and dry ends, wash your hair every alternate day.

Eat right

A good diet is key to good hair. What you eat plays a major role in how your hair looks. Iron, zinc, vitamins, proteins and most of all, Omega-3 fatty acids are very beneficial for beautiful, lustrous hair. Include walnuts, almonds, milk, leafy greens and vitamin B6 and B12 supplements in your diet daily for best results. If you are a non-vegetarian, have chicken, red meat and fish in your diet at least once a week.

Avoid or limit time in the sun

Just like your skin, your hair suffers from sun damage too. Only, it is not immediately visible, so we tend to ignore it. If possible, don’t go out in the afternoons, when the sun is the harshest. But if it can’t be avoided, invest in a good hair serum that acts as a sunscreen on your hair and lessens the effect of damage by the sun. A good hair serum will protect your hair from the three main damaging agents – wind, sun rays/UV rays and seawater.

Get hair trimmed regularly

This advice may seem contradictory, especially when you want to grow out your hair. But for healthy hair, you must cut your hair! This is to prevent split ends from forming and traveling up your hair shaft, making hair so thin that it breaks. So if you are aspiring to have waist length hair, book an appointment at the hair salon and trim your hair for at least 4 inches every six to eight weeks. Trust us, it helps in the long run.

Wash with warm water

It is December and very cold, we agree. But let it not tempt you to use hot water on your hair. Too much heat takes out all the volume from your hair and leaves it limp. Use warm water instead. Work up a good lather and wash off comfortably. When it comes to washing out your conditioner, the colder the water, the better, as cold water locks in the much needed nutrients in your hair, leaving it with a healthy shine.

So ladies! If you are struggling with hair fall and waging an endless war with dull hair, follow these tips. Thank us later!

Tell us your haircare routine and share any tips you may know, so that all of us benefit from them!

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