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One of my television’s favourite series is Mr Bean. He makes you laugh without saying even a word! Have you seen the episode where he goes on a trip and stays in a hotel room. Then he removes everything he has brought from his house to organise them in the hotel to make it look like his house. From his favourite teddy to so many tiny things in the house, Mr Bean has bought it all. Imagine the number of travel organisers he must have used!

Are you also a organization freak like Mr Bean? Do you like to carry loads of stuff on your holiday and love to organise it properly while filling your bag?If the answer is yes, then we have a few suggestions for travel organisers in today’s blog.

This is a part of our exhaustive Ultimate Guide to Travel Planning.

Essential Travel Organisers

Trips involve a lot of packing. There are a wide variety of things we carry and if not packed properly, the bag can turn into a complete mess.

To make your organization easy, there are a couple of organizers that we have researched for you and can help you with neat packing of your essentials.

AmazonBasics Universal Travel Organiser Case for Small Electronics and Accessories:

We carry so many electronics while we travel – mobile, battery backup, earphones, chargers, iPod, cables etc. There is a chance of getting scratches over the screen if the things are not kept properly. Also the cables might get entangled creating a mess.

The travel organiser case from AmazonBasics ensures that you keep all your electronics safely while you are travelling. The moulded EVA-plastic exterior ensures that your electronics stays safe inside. The mesh pockets inside can be used to hold all your accessories. Thus all your gadgets can be stored safely at a single place!

The product has excellent reviews and a 4.5 stars rating on Do visit the link below to buy:

AmazonBasics Tri-Fold Hanging Cosmetics and Toiletry Kit

Another wonderful essential travel organiser kit from Amazon. There are loads of toiletries that we carry when traveling. From shampoos, creams, combs, makeup kits, etc. This product helps organize all of them at a single place. There are total 4 zipped plastic pockets which can accommodate all your cosmetics and toiletries securely. One of the pocket is mesh for air circulation where you can keep wet items like a toothbrush. It also comes with a hook with which you can hang it. It is foldable and turns into a compact kit when folded which makes it easy to carry.

The product has some excellent reviews and 4 stars rating on Amazon. Visit the link below to buy:

SHOPPOSTREET Waterproof Traveling Shoe Storage Bag/Footwear Organiser:

While travelling, we all love carrying a extra pair of shoes or even our slippers to get the comfort of our house. If you do not want your clothes to be dusted and your footwear to stay safe, carry this essential travel organiser bag with you! It provides space for three pair of footwear and a nylon mesh is where you can keep your socks too. It is also water resistant so can prove to be a boon in the rains. So when you are trekking the next time in rains and wondering where to keep the pair of wet shoes,you have an answer. Buy this on the link below:

Styleys Innerwear Travel Organizer:

An easy way to store your Victoria’s secrets! The travel organiser bag comes with four pouch where you can store undergarments, socks, etc. It has a storage place to keep bras and a middle zip pocket where you can keep sanitary napkins, toiletries etc. It is compact in size and does not take up too much space in the luggage. Keep all your innerwear in a single place with this organizer! The product is available on both Amazon as well as Flipkart. The link for amazon is mentioned below.

Zurato Multi-Functional Travel Organizer:

Organizing your undergarments and  keeping that exquisite bra of yours safe from being deformed is what you are thinking about while travelling, then buy the underwear case from the link below. It can accomodate upto 4-5 padded bras and 7-8 non padded ones. It is made up of plastic which makes it sturdy and prevents any damage during travel.So now no more hiding your innerwear in between the clothes as this case is the best option for storing all your innerware at a single place. Buy it from the link below:

Glive’s Plastic Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder Cover Case :

At times you wonder where should you be keeping the wet brush after use. We have a perfect travel organiser case for you! Try the toothpaste and toothbrush holder case given in the link below and you can organise them in a single place –

Khadi Natural Travel Kit:

If you are the one who is particular of the products they use and don’t want to use the toiletries given in the hotels then go for this kit! I love Khadi products as they are natural and mild and not harsh on skin. The bottles and soap are small in  size and are perfect for travel.

Milton Medical Box:

So many times do we carry medicines for kids or old aged people and end up spilling them all over the bag. This medical box can be used to organize all the medicines and keep them safe. This is especially useful, when you are traveling with your parents, or very small kids, as you need to keep all the medicines handy. The box can also be used as a first aid kit box at home. It is made up of plastic and has various partitions to store medicines as per use. The dimensions in terms of LxBxH are 8.8 in x 4.5 in x 5.8 in.

ASPERIA Hair Electric Comb Brush :

Do you want to look the best in your travel photos? And you don’t have the time to head to a salon. Are you having a bad hair day? Buy the Asperia Electric comb and forget all your worries.You just need to plug this and set a temperature and comb your hair to get the perfect straight hair.The Ceramic Fast Hair Straightener For Women’s Hair Straightening Brush comes  with LCD Screen for Temperature Display. Isn’t that fantastic? Buy the brush at the link below:

These essential travel organisers seem to make our packing task easy, don’t they? I am surely going to buy a few of them before the next trip, how about you?

You would love this video for packing efficiently

All the travel organiser products mentioned in the blog would make your travel easier and help you build loads of memories.

What are the travel organizers that you use? Pour in your suggestions in the comments section, so that it can be useful for the fellow women travelers!

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