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2020 Travel resolutions

Happy new year girls! I am sure you had fabulous new year party and might be still hungover with what we call as new year effect. It involves making new resolutions and following them. There are fitness resolutions, there are weight loss resolutions and there are shopping resolutions. So in this new year hangover, we present you ‘your travel resolutions for 2020’!


You need to make a pact to complete these travel resolutions in the new year. I promise, zindagi badal jaayegi!!

2020 Travel resolutions

1. List your dream destinations:

Have you listed your dream destinations? The ultimate bucket list? For few people, it might be about festivities e.g. Sula fest or Sunburn or Oktoberfest. Or for few it might be about getting spiritual at the Golden temple or Tirumala temple. These travel dreams may include experiences like sky diving or a new country like New Zealand or Australia. Whatever it may be, write down your travel bucket list and make sure you knock out at least a few of them in 2020.

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2. Prepare a travel calendar:

As a part of travel resolutions for 2020, plan your travel well in advance. Yes, you can plan on the dates when you can travel in the coming year well in advance. You have your company’s holiday calendar published. So try to make most of those long weekends. Also you can club your leaves with the kids holidays to plan a family vacation. Additional benefit? If you book in advance, you can save a lot on the travel costs as well!

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3. Save to travel:

You can set a budget aside for travel. You can either travel every month with the budget or plan a big trip once a year as per your wish! But cut down on unnecessary expenses and save the money for travel. You might have to give up on a few things like say going to expensive restaurants or buying a pair of really expensive shoes, but travel can give you more happiness than any of the above!

Our blog here can give you certain tips on how to efficiently budget for your travels –

4. Eco-friendly travel:

The earth is getting warmer by the day and it’s time that we start thinking about leaving carbon footprint carefully. What we can do while travelling is reduce the use of plastic especially single use plastic. Plastic bottles,straws are a few things which we can eliminate. Carry your own bottles and boil the water before drinking if you are not comfortable with the local water.There are even water purification bottles available which you can carry with you. You can buy it from the link below :

Lifestraw Go Advanced Reusable Personal Filter Water Bottle, 650ml (Blue)  –

Also choose eco-friendly hotels as nature is what we seek when we travel. Carry your own steel straws and switch to menstrual cups rather than napkins as they make travel easy as well as prevent the clutter.

Also make sure you do not clutter when you visit a place and also maintain the sanctity of the place.


5. Solo travel:

If you are the one who is in a constant hustle bustle of the household with the daily chores,office and family being your routine,then try to explore the unexplored.It is fun to travel in your own company and hence travel solo.You can either go all alone or with a bunch of friends or make a trip with the women travel companies like The Flapper Life. You will discover the new you in the trip. You can be the old college  girl, just break all the bonds and fly.

For all those who understand Marathi,see the video below.It is of my favourite channel #bhadipa. See how the mother enjoys as she travels solo to Australia.


6. Make a travel journal:

Travel journal is a mandatory item on your travel resolutions for 2020. Travel is all about making wonderful memories and don’t forget to capture them. We do not say that keep clicking pictures or make videos 24 X 7 when you travel, but at least click a few for keep sake. Also there are a few things that you experience which cannot be captured in photos. Do keep a travel journal for that. Yaadein mithai ki dibbe ki tarah hoti – You will experience the same nostalgia whenever you read your travel journal!

Aren’t these interesting travel resolutions for 2020? Keep going at them and you will be a traveler at heart in no time!!

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