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5 Household Chores To Delegate To Your Guy

Getting more me-time means managing your time perfectly between personal and professional work. That means not only prioritizing things to be done, but it also includes delegating things to the right person!! And who is the best person to delegate than your partner, ain’t it? Today we bring you 5 household chores to delegate to your guy! Find interesting? Read on!

New Year has begun with the biggest resolutions of change being imbibed. With those swears taken for yourself, make a small resolution to teach your guy to be a man. Not just by pulling chairs at a restaurant and opening the car doors, give him the life tutorials he needs to be. To be that caring son to his mother and perfect husband to you as a wife! How else would they get that how much you have to micro manage!

So, here are 5 household chores to delegate to your guy! Because it’s the era of #sharetheload

5 Household chores to delegate to your guy

1. Laundry

If cooking is termed as a women’s paradise, let’s make laundry your king’s department to handle. Laundry is a perfect household to delegate to your guy!

From putting the clothes for a wash to folding the ones out to ironing the set, it takes a lot to manage clothes just as vegetables. It is definitely a responsible task to be handed to non-other than your responsible MAN! Winks!!

2. Morning/Evening Chai

Though we term kitchen to be a women’s paradise, we love evaders!! And a cup of our favorite Chai is everything we need on those cold days and the after-office tiredness.

Make a deal with him and take turns to pamper one another with cup of tea! And believe me, nothings complements me-time or we-time than a hot cup of tea!

3. Clean Dinner Table

While you take care of the dishes, let him take efforts to clean the table. Delegate this household chore, so that you can take that extra time for snuggling in bed together! Winks!

4. Cutting Vegetables

Make his T.V sessions more useful as you give him the next day’s vegetable to cut into pieces as you finish your other leftover tasks.

Gender equality also has its face. This is our opportunity to create a thoughtful man help imbibe the same habits in forthcoming generations.

Household chores to delegate to your guy and get more me-time

5. Putting Kids To Bed Or Dropping Them To School

With a mom’s job to be with the kids and raise them till eternity, father’s touch in a kid’s upbringing shouldn’t wither-out!

If you have kids, this is the best job you should give-away to your partner. Make him spend time with the little ones just before they grow up to get used to his non-existence! And if that ends up in you having more me-time, isn’t it worth it?

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Ladies, share your load just to welcome a blanket of togetherness in every sphere! Learn to delegate these household chores and revel in the new found cocoon of #sharingiscaring!

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