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7 Times Actions Speak Louder Than Words For Him

You love him for no reason and every reason out there and viola shining and sparkling, we can see that in your eyes too! But girls, gone are those days when silence was the only language used to portray love. In this vibrant era, it’s time to make your love jump with joy and reciprocate with care! As actions speak louder than words, here are some beautiful ways to make you better half feel loved!

1. Complete His Share Of Chores Before He Is Back From Work

There is no better way to express love than treating a person special and sharing load is the littlest gesture you pave way to a person’s heart.

Swirl your magic wand around the kitchen corners and wash the dishes when it is his turn!

2. Take Responsibility To Plan A Date

It’s a woman’s world, and she knows how to make her man special!

Once a while, drop him a note giving directions to the date location you have selected and treat him special! Buy him a new attire just in-case you want to bring tears to his eyes! Winks!

(Read this to get an idea – Plan an exotic day with him!!)

3. Send Him Random Messages And Memes

A simple I love you to cheesy Bollywood lines is enough to light-up his day and make him feel loved, girl!

4. Organize His Parties With His People

There is no better way to communicate your love for him once you engage yourselves with his friends and family! Be Welcoming To his friends and family and that widespread smile on his face.

5. Breakfast To Dinner, Prepare His Favorites

And make it his day! And follow this ritual as a routine and make him feel a vital part of you! Because food is one of the easiest way to reach a man’s heart and we need you proof post peeping into his eyes once the platter is set!

6. Buy Tickets To His Favorite Game

And his favorite sport smiling around even if you detest it, the same manner he watches your deadly TV series with an irritating yet compassionate face!

7. Buy That T-Shirt And Accessory He Glued His Eye On

Drool over his cart in that online shopping portal and observe his desires while with him.

Decode his wants and surprise him with an amazing gift which he longed for!

Girls, actions speak louder than words, so just do it!!

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