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Time-Saving Kitchen Organisation Hacks

Do you know nearly 25% of our time in the kitchen is generally spent in taking out things from cupboards and putting them back!! That is true!! Now, how about we make ourselves organized so that we reduce that time to less than 10%!! Kitchen organisation needs a lot of patience, organization skills, and discipline to carry it out. But, I’m sure all of you can manage it!

There are different ways of organizing a kitchen, into a perfect one, where you can find the items that you need quickly and efficiently. This depends on the storage jars you are using, the shelves you have in the kitchen, and the way you organize your drawers.

Buy rectangle or square shaped storage jars instead of round ones.

This saves a lot of space in your trolleys / cupboards. Round containers tend to take up more space, and doesn’t allow optimum utilisation of cupboard area. Whereas rectangle shaped or square shaped fit perfectly into our cupboards and are more efficient. I’m in love with the Tupperware range, but there are other similar products selling brands as well.

Go for transparent containers rather than opaque.

When you have transparent containers, you can easily check out what is stored in it when you open the cupboard, and you don’t waste time opening and checking 10 different jars before opening the right one!

Get Shelf separators for the smaller items

Trust me, the shelf separators are a God-send, especially for those ever elusive knives and small tools, we keep. Even if you have a nice shelved cutlery drawer, you still tend to lose the gas lighter, the knives, the peeler, the grater, in all the items that you keep in there, don’t you? Same thing goes for bowls, cups, etc. The trolley tends to become cluttered if we don’t organize them properly. These separators will solve your problems for sure!!

Have an open shelf net to the kitchen top to store immediate essentials.

There should be an open shelf right next to your kitchen top, where you can store the salt, pepper, sugar, tea, coffee, honey, spice racks, and all the things that you need most of the times that you are cooking. Since they are on top, close to you, you don’t need to reach out into a shelf for these items. Believe me, this seems like a small thing, but it is immensely useful and very quick for you.
I generally keep glass jars of salt, sugar, tea, spices, etc. on that shelf in a pre-decided line. The glass jars are not identical in shape, so when I reach out for a wrong jar without looking, I can make out immediately that I’ve picked up a wrong jar. Again, this seems like a small, silly thing, but ask yourselves how many times you have put in sugar instead of salt, because you were in a hurry and not paying attention!

Follow your scheme of storing food items.

It’s comparatively easy to design a scheme of kitchen organization, and put everything in place the way you want it to be. It’s extremely difficult to follow this method day in and day out. It needs patience and discipline on your part to do so. However, a few days of maintaining a strict watch on yourself, to ensure you don’t stray will show you the results in the form of increased efficiency in the kitchen place. The extra five seconds needed to put your salt jar in the right place, is much better than to keep forgetting where you put it last time, and then wasting time searching for it. Do you agree with me?

So, this was a little bit about storage and discipline. There is much more in kitchen organization to be covered. I’ll be back next week with another load of tips for you!! Till then, try to implement these, and let me know the difference you feel!

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