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Here’s How To Make Most while Corona is in town

Coronavirus is hitting major metro cities and most of the crowd being instructed to work from homes, boredom has struck! With kids and husband being at home, new memes of Big Boss and Calamity are running across the WhatsApp groups depicting the Khatron Ke Khiladi contestants being women! Where somewhere the forwards stand true to the sarcasm intended, but are we women really frustrated to be at home? How to make most while Corona is in town and we are practicing Social distancing?

Suddenly, working woman has got her deserved break. Homemakers have time with their spouses and kids are experiencing relief from their school bags. Imagine weeks for yourself with no time boundaries, no waking up in the early mornings to pack dabba for your Mr. Husband, no tensions to drop kids off to schools and tuition, no exam fevers!

And amidst all chaos, finally you have time for yourself! If you are still wondering what should be done during your period of quarantine, we have some suggestions!

Suggestions to make most while Corona is in town:

1. Play Board Games

While you must have already explored this section with kids, play these with your hubby dearest!

While winners dominate the next day, losers surrender to do the household chores!

This is the best time to practice #equalityathome

2. Dance And Make TikTok Videos

India is already finding solutions to get rid of the boredom making random Instagram challenges to entertain people, why not join this league?

Might sound stupid but trust me this will bring the craziest version of you. You might just surprise yourself while entertain others with your acting skills in your me-time and we-time!!

Double benefit!!

Get going and display those #couplegoals

things to do while social distancing

3. Sleep To Your Hearts Content while you practice social distancing

Trust me, you have the best time to keep to yourselves and recoup with your body!

No bai to disturb your morning sleep, no dudhwala knocking your doors, no school, no office!

Love yourself during these harsh days as you have time to get immune to the virus as you sleep and revive your organs.

No hobby will get you that pleasure that a sleeping hobby does to repair your heart and brain!

Be a #sleepingpanda with your family and practice #selfhealing!

4. Make Video Calls Your Buddy

The pain of social distancing is only experienced after a day or two of self-isolation and we are in the same bucket!

No friends, no gossip, no chatting and no lame jokes!

In this era of self-distancing get conference video calls on the go to see your boredom vanishing away! Make video calls to your friends in your me-time!

things to do in social distancing

Schedule your couple time by downloading Think Me-time app from Google Playstore

5. Start Updating your Resumes

And in all this while, if you think I am wasting my time, open your laptops as you update your LinkedIn Profiles in your me-time!

Subscribe to those various courses offered on the internet for free and study for your professional course!

Because, being constructive and productive should be practiced and not just preached in this time of medical emergency!

Girls, it’s your time to invest and splurge! Make most while Corona is in town! Enjoy your quarantine! Stay Home Stay Safe!

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