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5 Productive Couple Activities to do during lockdown

It is hard-hitting to stay at home doing same old couple activities and we unanimously agree to it! And with your better halves occupying half the house, it seems impossible to attain peace with the cranky mood-swings and the repetitive emotional outbursts swirling your home upside down! Every couple needs to unwind the routine mundane to rekindle their spark and bring back that evergreen in the relation! So why not plan some productive couple activities?

But do you agree that you need to spend some couple time to rekindle your marriage?

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Why do we need couple activities to strengthen our marriages?

Getting married is a dream but the real challenge for couples is living marriage exactly as they had dreamt of! It happens to couples – years into marriage, and the real spark leaves you real quick. Your we time is nowhere in the picture and the distances increase!

One needs to put in years of effort to maintain the smoothness with relations. This is no secret. But, are you really putting those efforts for your better half is the real question! Amidst the chaotic world juggling duties and responsibilities of the stagnant routines of life, it’s time we give each other the beautiful feeling of love!

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Here is a quick video displaying a beautiful affair of your we-time!

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams

Because being in love is great but being loved is the real heart-ticking feeling! You can do it only by spending some quality we time together!

COVID-19 is just helping us realize that we have not been fair to this relationship! we have not been spending time together as is required to make the relationship strong! that is why the air in the house is cranky, sweltering and feels as if walls are closing in. the house can’t be big enough!

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But it is time redo this part of your relationship. While Netflix and Chill has already crossed the boredom level this #Corona season, here are a few productive couple activities to rebuild your #couplegoals and overcoming these love testing times!

5 Productive Couple Activities To Indulge In The #GoCorona Era

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1. Make A Compost For Your Garden

While most of us must be kitchen digging by now and just realize a couple of expired products lying in deep inside, let’s use these to create a perfect compost for our plants!

Soiling your hands with him and feeding the plants with just what they need, you may just have an extra activity to keep yourselves engaged!

2. Rearrange Your Wardrobe

And now you realize you have so many clothes! Because all you need are a pair of comfy shorts!

This is the best time to declutter your belongings as a couple activity and exchange a few with each other.

While you dig his pile to find a nice airy pair of shots, he might just find his long lost shirt in your pile! Winks!

3. Make A Dreamcatcher For Your Bedroom Wall

Trust me, craft brings out all that hidden creativity you have within and know each other better than ever!

Indulge in cute origami sessions and bring out the best versions of yourself!

Make a cute dreamcatcher for your walls and see all your dreams magically come true!

Here’s how to make one;

4. Take Up Unimaginable Challenges For Yourself

From cutting each other’s hair to basking in the sun with charcoal masks on!

He makes rotis in the kitchen while you wash the cars in the parking.

Play role reversals, play with your minds, play with each other!

Make most of this quarantine doing all unimaginable things together!

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5. Start A Wonderful Painting For Your Living Room as a couple activity

Colors have a vibrant impact on our minds and refresh us from within!

Mush your hands and fondle those paints as you let each other express their own version on the canvas!

If not acrylic paintings, grab those watercolors from your kid’s study and create the magic on the paper making poster pieces!

Create your #togetherincrime masterpiece now!

Here are a few painting ideas adding to your home décor!


Girls, enjoy your week of #wetime with these productive #couple activities as you fall in love with each-other once again!

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