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These Travel bloggers tell you how to enjoy in lockdown

When we think about the travel industry we just think about the hotels, the flights, and the local guides as the people who survive on tourism. But in this digital age, there are travel bloggers who live completely out of the suitcase and create impactful travel blogs. They are the source of travel inspiration for their Youtube and Insta families! But they are currently staying at home and telling the world how to enjoy lockdown!

You must be the change you want to see in the world!

They are actually implementing it. Post pandemic, travel now has completely come to a standstill, these people are also losing out on a lot. Their assignments are getting canceled and their projects are getting postponed indefinitely. Almost every day is a #throwbackthursday.  But these people are still managing to keep us engaged with their daily feeds and we completely respect them for that.

Let’s learn from the travel bloggers across India about how they are surviving and managing to enjoy the lockdown!

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Anita Kumar (Insta handle:

Read this on a travel blog – Maps and Masala Chai – where the blogger Shivani Rana talked with one of the celebrated Indian travel influencer Anita Kumar –

I remember waking up a month ago feeling like I wasn’t able to breathe because I was so stressed out. At this point, I started experimenting with my content and came up with Tips for Indians traveling abroad video. But honestly, I realized that this kind of content doesn’t make sense right now since people can’t travel. I felt maybe for the next couple of months I won’t be able to create anything.

All of this happened and I was completely zapped. So I locked myself up in a room, and for a couple of hours, I was just continuously writing. And that brought me a lot of relief. Once I had it all out there then I started re-thinking and came up with the idea of doing extra day before the lockdown video, and I am so glad for how it has been received. Honestly, it feels so good to be able to still create content because at some level I had doubts if I’ll be able to do so without a crew. But now I have faith that I can still deliver valuable content even if I don’t travel. 

Savi and Vid (Insta handle: Bruised Passports)

Savi and Vid are our favorite travel couple are currently based in their house in London. They were touring the Caribbean after which they had to take this break due to lockdown. Their story is an inspiring one, clear from this extract of their Insta post –

“Did you know all this is actually a result of something that happened during the last economic crash in 2008 – The Lehman Brothers crash! It was a bad time, Vid was out of a job, I was still studying with no steady income, and all around us, we saw people losing jobs and their lifelong dreams collapsing. It was then that we decided we would take control of our life and take tangible steps towards TRULY living our present while working towards our future 💙💙  I’ll be honest – this was MUCH harder than we thought it would be. BUT it was also completely worth it!”

Their Insta post

Their Insta posts are just a glimpse of how much fun we can have staying at home. Of course, they miss their travels! But Vid and Savi keep themselves busy by cooking yummy and healthy dishes and pampering themselves to a face mask. May it be lazing in bed watching back to back movies or play board games on the terrace, this couple really knows how to spend their we-time!

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They keep on posting their old travel photos which are a treat to the eyes. Like, see the one below they posted on the earth day.

And most importantly they are very real about their feelings. We can see posts from them about the bad days and the sad days in their lives. They uplift us by telling us how we can cope with them.

Although they are not traveling, they still manage to keep the readers engaged with their content. I still check their updates daily and miss them if there aren’t any posts from them in every few days. Now that’s the sign of a good travel blogger, isn’t it?


Shenaz (Insta handle: Shenaz Treasury)

Shenaz returned from Sri Lanka and from the lovely beaches she was quarantined to the solitude of her house. Her quirky sense of humor is the best thing about Shenaz and her Insta post. Now that she is at home, Shenaz is engaging with the people by making some funny videos and posting them for the viewers’ opinions. Like the one below in which she asks about the mood today versus when the lockdown started:

She also inspires you to make a bucket list of what you want to do in your life and this video below is really inspiring.

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She also encourages people to post the videos on their talent and is engaging many people in the lockdown. Shenaz, we all wish to see you get back traveling soon as we all are missing your travel videos badly!

Travel does not become an adventure unless you leave yourself behind!

Shivya Nath (Insta handle: Shivya):

The travel blogger Shivya Nath is all about being offbeat, slow, and sustainable. She feels right now is the time to think about sustainable living.

“In the past few weeks of lockdown living, I’ve felt a deep longing to be in the midst of nature. The forests, the mountains, the sea, I’ve craved them all. This longing made me realize that I never fully appreciated the freedom (and privilege) to experience the incredible beauty of our world. It equally made me dwell on my environmental footprint as an inhabitant of a shared planet.⁣⁣
⁣⁣In the midst of a pandemic linked to deforestation, biodiversity loss, and intensive animal farming, all roads seem to point towards a life that is more sustainable, compassionate, and mindful.⁣⁣”⁣⁣

The blog below on sustainable travel in Kerala makes us think what all should we as a world do to stop the havoc that we are wrecking on Mother Earth:

What India and world can learn about sustainable tourism in Kerala‘ – Blog post by Shivya Nath

While many travel bloggers are engaged in other blogs, Shivya has still stuck to her travel-related blogs. In the blog below, she mentions what she really misses about her travels during this lockdown. This is so true to heart! I feel every travel blogger can relate to this:

All of us have just one question in the mind and that is how to stay sane in this lockdown. Shivya lists the activities that she does to remain sane in the link below and you can also try a few of them:

Shivya we really love all your blog posts and all your photos and we hope to see you soon back on the road. Till then we would love to enjoy what you are posting as that too is adding a lot of value to our lives.

In this time of lockdown, these travel bloggers are managing to keep us entertained with their blogs. They are putting up a brave face in a tough time. We feel inspiration bloom as these travel bloggers teach us how to enjoy during the lockdown. We all love you guys and wish to see you back traveling very soon!

Happy travels (Soon)!!

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