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Office Make-up Tips To Look Your Best At Work

​Imagine a typical day. You are getting ready for work. You open your make up bag. And of course, there is a plethora of products and options staring back at you!
​Office is not the place where you would sport a winged eyeliner, but you cannot look like you went straight to work from bed. So what do you do? Where do you start? Plus, you are going to be super pressed for time in the morning (or evening, whenever your shift is.) So you are looking for a quick routine, right?
Look no further.
Here are some tips for office make-up that will guarantee a few appreciative glances (and maybe a promotion too!). [You can also refer to our Summer Fashion Guide for tips on summer special look]

Office make-up tips to look your best at work

1. ​Clean up your face first

​Just before you get around to applying make-up, wash your face. A freshly washed face is a clean canvas for you to work on. You could just splash your face with lukewarm water or even use a cleanser. You can start applying make-up right after a shower too, but do take care that you haven’t had a hot shower. Hot water makes the skin wrinkly and flaky, not the optimal base for make-up.

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2. ​BB Cream

Office make up tips to look your best at work

This is the modern product almost everyone swear by. Foundation tends to get too heavy. For daily office make-up, foundation is not recommended anyway. This is where BB creams come into the picture. They are light, spread easily and provide a perfect base for you to apply make-up. Some BB creams come with different tones to match your skin. They cover up light scars, blemishes and spots and give you a bright looking, even toned face. Apply lightly using fingertips and do not forget the hairline, neck and ears.  Remember to keep a bottle with you to retouch during the day.

3. ​Concealer

Are you the one having flawless skin? Wow! Then we are so jealous of you, because most of us aren’t blessed with it and what remains is squandered off with hectic lifestyles and sleepless nights. Concealers are our best friends for hiding those dark circles, though they can be also used to hide marks or even small pimples. A quick tip for applying the concealer is to rub it lightly with your fingertips on the required area. The heat in your hands will help it spread evenly and cover more area effectively.

4. ​Blusher

Office make up tips to look your best at work

Quickly dab a neutral coloured blush on your cheekbones. This makes your face look brighter and you seem fresher. If you wish to have a similar hue on your cheeks as your lips, you could just apply lipstick too and spread it evenly.

5. ​Kajal and eyeliner

A thin stroke of kajal under your eyes and an eyeliner over your lids will accentuate your office make-up look. Select kajal and eyeliners that are smudge proof and waterproof, also look for those that are long lasting as you may not get time at work for regular touch-ups. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Don’t forget to apply a few strokes to your eyebrows too. Your eye make-up is done!

6. ​Lipstick and gloss

First apply a lip liner to get a fuller shape, then apply lipgloss. If you wish to add colour to your lips, apply and spread lipstick evenly. Applying an icecube over your lips before applying lipgloss keeps the colour on your lips last all day. Make sure you carry your lipstick as a apart of your office make-up for a quick touch up.
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​So there you are! All ready and raring to have a wonderful day at work!
Do invest in a separate and good quality make-up for office wear from this link. You won’t regret it.
Share your office make-up routine with us and let us know how you dazzle!

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