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Work-Life Balance; Here’s How To Have It All!

A confident boss by morning and a caring homemaker by night; today’s woman wants it all. A perfect work – life balance!! Be it her career management or her home organisation, women can achieve anything they set their minds to!

But, mastering the art of multitasking is a skill to be polished and an effort to be made in the right direction.

With rampant work cultures and sloughing work hours adding to our routine bucket-list, here’ s how you can maintain a pace with both your world’s! How do you manage that fine work life balance? Here are some home organisation tips!

Work-Life Balance – How To Have It All

1. Wake up 15 min earlier

Waking up 15 minutes earlier is the most difficult task of all! But it is absolutely essential in taking control of your day and home organisation!
Waking up before the routine time helps to unwind yourself, prepare for the scheduled hectic day and add sparkles to your mundane life!
So get some me time! Spare these 15 minutes in balcony watering plants or just lay in bed cuddling with your partner! Winks!

2. Use those colorful fridge magnets to highlight the to do lists

​Writing makes our mind more vigilant than memorizing!
Maintain Sunday diary to understand your work commitments per priority and be aware of all the tasks to accomplish during the week. Stick them on your fridge for a noticeable display!
From arranging a birthday party to dusting furniture, get home organisation in order a week inadvance. It helps you to execute things in the most efficient manner.
You can allocate a specific day to dusting while another day to washing linens and ironing clothes. It avoids overdoing things and related  unplanned chaos too!

3. Get a weekly Wednesday off from those home chores

Take this me time and follow it to the fullest!
There is no harm to ditch your routine and take a mid-week breaks to refresh that tiring mind for a while.
Be it in-laws, kids or spouse; Ladies, it is not possible to make everyone happy for 24 hours.
So, put your brain to work and allocate these for the other 6 days of the week. Winks!

4. Keep Saturdays for yourself for perfect work-life balance

​If Sundays are for family, keep the Saturdays for yourself! This will strengthen your work-life balance!
Get yourself pampered at the parlor, laze around in those loose pajamas, binge pizza watching Netflix, head out for a sassy social gathering with your girlies and laugh all around!
The day spent with yourself will bring back the positive vibes within you!

5. Escape on dates with bae

​Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner!
Escape your cozy home and go restaurant hopping.  Make plans to ditch your routines and try something crazy along him.
A new dish and a new place will rekindle all the lost magic between you!

6. Have a hobby for work-life balance

​Leave the gym for a while when there are ample of options to explore yourself! Hobbies offer a perfect work-life balance!
Sign up for the various dance classes offered in your city to kill the weekly stress in minutes. A game of squash or an hour of swimming will only calm the restless mind of yours and make you fresh for the upcoming week!

7. Be around your children

​There is nothing calming than being around those little munchkins post a rough day at work! They help achieve work-life balance easily!
Make them feel loved. Take them on an ice cream ride and make their smiles shower all the peace in the world!
Make scrap books with them and splash colors as you indulge in their school art and craft projects!
If nothing works, cuddle them to sleep and you see all the worldly worries disappearing in seconds!

So Girls, is your to do list already buzzing with happiness!! With these fun tasks you can answer your question to: Work-Life balance – how to have it all!!

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