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5 Reasons to Wear Saree to work

Sarees are the ultimate dress up attire for the modern Indian woman. Nothing is more sexy than a woman in a saree. But most women relegate sarees to special occasions like a marriage or a party. Have you ever considered wearing a saree to work daily?

I know what you are thinking now. “Saree? To the office? Everyone will stare at me! I will look like a clown in a circus! And it takes me so much time to drape a saree!”

There’s a Facebook group ‘Saree Speak’ where the members just talk about sarees and how wearing them makes them feel. You should go check it out here – Saree Speak!

While you become adept at draping a saree with enough practice (I can drape a saree in 5 minutes flat. I’m not even kidding), adopting it as an attire for office can be the smoothest move you do.

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Take the late Sushma Swaraj or Indira Gandhi for example. Or Nirmala Sitharaman and Smriti Irani. You will get what I am saying.

All sarees are not suitable for office. Crisp cottons, cotton silks and bhagalpuri sarees with simple geometric designs and solid colors are great for office wear.

You can buy your favourite set of saree on Myntra and try our various saree draping methods!

But first, let me tell you why I think you should wear a saree to office daily.

5 reasons you must wear saree to work daily

Sarees prepare you for every occasion

Have you even seen Sushma Swaraj wear formal shirts and trousers when she went out to meet leaders of different countries? Most corporate CEOs, politicians, and leading actresses wear a saree when they have to attend formal events. The saree is a perfect professional attire. You can conduct meetings with foreign clients in a saree and rest assured that they will be impressed!

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Sarees make great conversation starters

The day you wear a saree to office, be sure to be bombarded with questions like, “how did you find time to drape it?” or “where did you get it from?” Some people might even comment on your beauty and gracefulness (ahem!) Another great way to bond with your coworkers – over a saree!

Sarees make a style statement

5 reasons you should wear saree to work

On a floor full of jeans and t-shirts or kurtis and leggings, you automatically and effortlessly stand out. In fact, if you regularly start wearing a saree to work, you could also become “the lady in the saree!” Be ready to turn some heads wherever you go!

Sarees are versatile

The life of a working woman is already very hectic without throwing shopping-for-clothes in the mix. It is simply not possible to run to the store to pick new clothes every time you lose or gain weight. Sarees, however, do not require you to be of any standard size. You can be of any shape and yet, you can drape a saree and look great. All you need is a few well-fitting blouses in common colors like black, white and gold, and you can pretty much wear any saree to work. No blouse? Don’t worry. A t-shirt, your husband’s shirt or a crop top will work just fine!

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Sarees are adaptable to any weather

5 reasons you should wear saree to work

Printed silks for winter’s and cottons and linens for summers. You can basically customize the material of your saree according to the weather outside!

Are you convinced now? I am always reminded of the “aunties at the bank” or my class teachers back when I was a kid. I used to watch them with awe as they worked (and walked around) effortlessly in a properly draped and pinned saree.

Why shouldn’t we do this too? What do you think? Would you like to wear a saree to office everyday?

Tell us in the comments! And tag your saree lover friends here!

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