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Offbeat waterfalls near Pune

On a rainy day, I feel like bunking my office, picking up a few essentials and heading to a serene place with only the sound of water to accompany me! It is our monsoon ritual to head to an unexplored destination in rains by taking a day off. We have discovered many new places in this quest and I would like to share a few with you. Check out these offbeat waterfalls near Pune:


Shiva temples are usually located at isolated places amidst nature. Kondeshwar is also one such place having beautiful Shiva temple with a beautiful water-stream flowing behind it. During rains, this turns into a multi-tier waterfall. A perfect place for a family picnic. A perfect place for a quiet trip. The lush greenery will freshen you up and the clean waters will make your day!

Uksan Dam:

Ahead of Kondeshwar is the Uksan dam. There you find the Uksan Lake, where you can stop and play in the beautiful clear blue water. On a bright sunny day, you can think of camping here by putting up your tent. The calm surroundings will make your day! The sunrise and sunset here is really a beauty to watch. If you want to spend a calm day without being interrupted by crowds like in Lonavala and Khandala then head to this place. There are some beautiful bungalows in the vicinity where you can plan to stay with a group of friends.

How to reach: These places are around 64 KMS from Pune. Just head on to the old Mumbai-Pune highway and take a turn at Kamshet. Head to Jambhavali village and you will get to visit these beauties.

Kundamala falls:

I remember as a kid when I used to go to my aunt’s house in Talegaonby train, I used to see this Begdewadi station. Never did I know that I would be coming here after so many years in search of the Kundamala falls. And the search was totally worth it. The falls roar like a lion. There are gorges formed and the water gushes down from there with full might! There is a bridge on this river on which you can walk. The water flows below it and you would get a different experience by walking over it!

How to reach: The closest station is Begdewadi station and if you are driving by car then head to the Cadbury factory in Talegaon and the road behind it will take you to these falls

What to eat: All the places mentioned in the blog are located in small villages and hence there aren’t many options to eat. Better to carry your own food and water while going on the trip.

How is your rainy season going? Has it turned you into a couch potato or are you exploring the beauty of nature? Do let us know the places you visited in this rains!

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