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Laos – A laid back paradise

The doorbell is ringing… there is a milkman at the door… my baby is crying… ‘I don’t want to go to school today’ he is shrieking…the other one is brushing teeth so slowly as if she has all time in the world… the maid arrives…oh! It’s already time for school van to come… I am rushing here and there… I also need to be ready for my office! Huh! An everyday story! I really wonder if the clock runs with double speed in the mornings! And all I wish for it is if it could come to a standstill for some time!

On a relaxed vacation this is what we look for! A place where the world does not run on the clock and with a rustic charm which we miss nowadays in our city lives. We bring you one such place in today’s blog – a place in South East Asia -Laos!

For some reason Laos never appears in our history or geography lessons. but you suddenly find yourself discussing it as a destination of next girls’ trip. So what’s do we have at Laos – definitely no beaches, very difficult to get to, little more time to travel from one place to another.

Laos is a land of mountains with beautiful waterfalls. The beautiful river, the caves, limestone formations will freshen you up! Adding to the beauty are the Divine Buddhist temples and the sculptures. People who have come here for a week-long trip have extended their stay for weeks and even for a month. Such is the beauty of the place!

These are the places we feel you must definitely visit when you are in Laos:


The capital of Laos is a laid back town. Situated on the banks of the Mekong River, Vientiane is famous for its century old Buddhist temples. That Luang has its pinnacle covered in real gold is the most famous attraction of Vientiane.

The temples of Wat Si Saket and Wat Si Muang are the houses to beautiful Buddhist structures. The Buddha Park will leave you mesmerized by the huge structures of the Hindu Gods like the reclining Buddha, Indra etc.


Vang Vieng:

Think of Vang Vieng and you are bound to think of tubing. Vang Vieng has become synonymous to tubing with the tourists idling around in the large tubes. Another must see place in Vang Vieng is Tham Poukham. It has a beautiful blue lagoon with a limestone cave above the lagoon. Get into the cave and you will see beautiful rock formations and even a golden statue of a sleeping Buddha.

Luang Prabang:

The town of Luang Prabang is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is the perfect example of traditional architecture and urbanization in the country. These structures were built by European colonizers during the 19th and 20th centuries. Kuang Si Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Laos and major attraction of Luang Prabang. The three step falls look straight out of the fairy tale!

Vat Phou:

Vat Phou is an ancient Shiva temple of the fifth century which is also an attraction for us Indians. You would be astonished to see the geometric pattern of temples, mountains and water bodies.

Villages in Laos:

If you are expecting a hip-hop and party place, then Laos is not for you. It is a laid back place full of villages and natural beauty and you must explore it to the fullest. There are villages here even without electricity where people live in thatched houses. Do visit one such village to get a feel of the tribal life.

Slow boat ride in Mekong river:

This is a must do activity when in Laos. The trip starts at the place near Thailand Laos border and ends at Luang Prabhang. The trip starts with Thailand on one side and Laos on another. The main attraction of the trip is the scenic beauty around you when you are on the ride. With mountains, palm trees and water around you, you would be mesmerized by the beauty as you take this two day long trip. Also it is an easy way of getting from Thailand to Laos. A stop in the village at Laos will give you a feel of tribal life.

What to eat:

Laos has its own delicious food but one delicacy which you would find here is sticky rice. The sticky rice is often accompanied with spicy sausages and jaew dips. Luang Prabang has got a wide variety of cafes you would want to explore. Also many people enroll for the traditional cooking classes.


Where to stay:

The best part about Laos is that good hotels are available at cheaper rates. Also you can opt for Tuk Tuk rides if you are on a budget trip!

Don’t you think your next break should be at Laos? I definitely think so.

So let’s start planning.

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