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Organize These Cute Games For The Newly-Weds!

Organise these cute games for the newly weds!

Buzzing with happiness and glow, a wedding will never get over in a day or two!

Considering Bidai as a final full stop to the wedding celebrations is a big no-no when there are pounds of rituals heading ahead of this touchily moment of partition.

And being a quirky Nanad and a dutiful sister, here is your responsibility to make the bride feel home!

Among all the other playful rituals and rasams, keep these enjoyable games in the kitty to get your bhaiya and bhabhi on toes!

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Cute Games For The Newly-Weds

Flip the common games as you switch over to these amusing activities!

The Sandel And The Shoe Game

An ‘ultimate tell us all between you’ game with a decent approach!

From ‘who will snore more’ to ‘who spends the most’….; Prepare a bunch of questions to throw at the newlyweds and get all their secrets out! Winks!

Check this interesting game in the link below!

I’M Always On Toes For You, Baby!

Where the wife stands on her husband’s feet and the husband has to carry her weight and move over the house with her in arms!!

An ice-breaker for the arranged couples’ lot and the steal the moment for the love marriage gang; this will be a romantic game to get closer inch by inch without hesitation!

The Hand Conquest game for the newly wed

Cute Games For The Newly-Weds

Blindfold the groom and line up a mixed bag of willing guests, ranging from young to old; male and female for the quest search. Let him make his way along the line of ‘brides’ and find his queen!

(P.S.- Keep the rings off the hands else he gets the real clue! Winks!!)

Peck On The Cheek As The Laughter Tweaks

The game suggests a rule for the bride and groom to share a kiss when a guest tells a joke or does something that makes the couple laugh. Plus, you could also have some quirky twisted rules to make the couple seal the deal.

Keep the jokes ready!

Hunt The Groom game for the newly wed

Cute Games For The Newly-Weds

This could be a lovely game to involve all the family members to instruct the blindfolded bride to search her groom within the line of instructions for locating him and feeding him sweets. Confuse the bride all the way around till she successfully reaches her hubby dear!!

Do We Know Each Other Enough?

Cute Games For The Newly-Weds

Again, family members play a pivotal role to prepare a list of habits of groom and bride to form chits.

Interchange these amongst the couple to decide whether the opposite person knows each other’s deadly habits.

A fun game to help you and your partner know each other’s secret unknown habits.

For each known habit, the opposite person gets a chocolate.

Keep a score on who gets more chocolates!

Cherry On The String

A game with all the spice on!

An intimate affair for the clan though, proceed with this game only if your family approves it!!

This game requires the bride, the groom, and a cherry on a string held by a willing member of the wedding party. The goal: using only their mouths, the newlyweds must work together to eat the cherry. Begin by positioning the fruit within close reach of the married couple; raise and lower the treat to add suspense and much laughter!

Organize these cute games for the newly-weds, now!!

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