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Unique libraries around the world

When I was in Mussoorie, I had implemented a no shopping rule. But in Landour, I came across this old antique shop which also sold old used books. I could not resist the temptation and ended up buying two books for myself. Sounds familiar?

If you are a bookworm and love to get lost in the fantasy world of books, then during travel you will definitely end up in a book cafe or a book shop or a library.

However, there are some libraries in the world known for their unique construction. Visiting those libraries is an experience in itself.

Let’s explore such unique libraries around the world:

Haskell library and Opera house, USA and Canada

This library is situated on the border of two nations. So when you enter the library, you can put one foot in the US and other in Canada. Fantastic, isn’t it? This unique library is constructed by USA and Canada jointly with a purpose to serve the people of both nations. It is perhaps the only public building in the world which is built on the border of any two countries. The entire building is bilingual to help the patrons. See the video below of this one of its kind library –

Logos Hope, World’s largest floating library:

With an intention of spreading knowledge, the OM foundation started the floating library on this ship called Logos Hope. This library ship has visited 158 countries and blessed people with knowledge. This library has almost 6000 books on various educational subjects and holds a book fair. You can purchase good quality books at affordable prices from this book fair. contributes by helping to build houses and donating essential provisions to the many under-privileged countries where it makes a port call. The ship has extended benefits to almost 40 million people till date. See the video below for more details –

Beach library, Bulgaria:

Reading a book while on the beach is one of the most loved things that people like to do. How about a free library on the beach to pick up the books and indulge in them? Bulgaria’s Black sea resort of Albena has this very unique beach side open air library where people can pick books and read and put them back. It also has a concept called book crossing where you can leave behind books to be read by other people. The library has over 6000 books in over 15 languages. Tourists are encouraged to add to the collection with an aim for others to enjoy their culture’s texts. Imagine how difficult it must be constructing the open book library on the beach and to take care that the books are not withered in the heat, moisture and rains. See the video below on how this was achieved –

Picture Book Library – Iwaki City, Japan

All of us want our kids to be voracious readers. We want them to read more and gain more knowledge. A unique library in Japan hosts all around 10,000 kids’ books from around the world. The books are arranged with the cover in the front which makes it an immensely beautiful looking library. There are wooden shelves with books beautifully arranged and stairs which double as seating location for kids.


We travel to gain new experiences. I am sure visiting these unique libraries around the world will be the experience of lifetime. Make sure you plot these in your travel itinerary when you travel in the area.

Europe also has some really old and unique libraries. Wait for our next week’s blog to read all about them!

Till then, keep reading and keep enjoying!

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