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Your Fashion Guide for Summer

Summer is one of my favorite seasons in terms of clothing. I love the summer colors, the breeziness of the fabrics, and the freedom to experiment with my wardrobe for a good three to four months of the year! So, normally I am my own fashion guide for summer!

You’ll find a lot of style blogs about the latest trends, what’s hot now, what’s no longer in style, and what’s now “in” and what’s out. Since I’m not big on purchasing clothing that has an expiration date, I want to share with you a few summer fashion tips that will never go out of style. Think classic style, not trends. These style tips will work year after year and those hard earned bucks won’t go down the drain in replenishing your wardrobe season after season.

Fashion Guide for Summer

Light colors should be your mantra

Not only do they keep you cooler, they also have that awesome summer vibe. Hence, go for more lighter colors in whatever you wear.

Fashion guide for summer

Go nude on the makeup 

​Nothing is worse than wearing tons of makeup on a hot summer day (unless you want to end up looking like a zombie by the end of the day). It’s best to keep it simple with pretty neutral eye shadow, tinted moisturisers and nude, pink or a lovely lip shade or balm.

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Fashion guide for summer

Flowy tops, dresses and skirts

​Keep it flowy ladies. Tight fitting or body hugging clothes will be your worst bet this season. So, give your skin some space to breathe and flaunt those sexy legs.

Fashion guide for summer

A neutral brown handbag

​Shades like brown and tan are the most in colors now. It can be teamed up with just about anything in your wardrobe plus it looks summery.

Fashion guide for summer


​They have always been in style and will always reign the trends. The shape is timeless and it looks good on both men and women.

Fashion guide for summer

Chinos will always be in style

Women’s chinos come in various lengths and colors. And they have to be a part of fashion guide for summer!

You can buy your chinos here – Myntra Chinos!

Fashion guide for summer

They can be worn anywhere right from beaches to a casual outing to office wear. This summer fashion staple is a piece you can keep in your wardrobe as it can be worn throughout the year as well.


​Ah! Here comes my favorite part in the fashion guide for summer. A lot of times, it’s confusing as to what is to be worn. You don’t want to be under dressed and at the same time don’t want to end up looking like a jewelry showroom as well!! Ditch your statement neck pieces and wear thin strands of neck pieces if you wish to. My personal favorite would be a nice chunk of bracelets and a pair of earrings. Makes it look simple and wearable.

Fashion guide for summer

​I hope these tips have made it a tad bit easier in choosing your wardrobe essentials. I am adding a video here that I found, which gives out some cool summer outfits. Enjoy!

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