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Binsar in Uttarakhand

When we decided to visit Binsar in Uttarakhand, we were not sure what to expect. We generally tend to plan these holidays around Club Mahindra resorts. So we chose Club Mahindra Binsar Valley resort for our vacation. Me and my husband were traveling together without the kids after many months. We started our travel with a blank slate, without any agenda and expectations. No plan turned out to be the best plan!

How to reach Binsar?

Nearest airport is Pantnagar airport (139 kms away) connecting via Delhi airport. We started our car journey from Pantnagar to Binsar. It went through Bhimtal, Nainital and Almora and was very scenic.

We came to know that there’s a train from Delhi, the closest railway stations being Haldwani and Kathgodam. You can take a cab to Binsar from these railway stations. But it was a long journey and we did not have that much time on hand.  Going to Pantnagar was a better decision.

Food in Binsar

En route our hotel, we had to taste the yummy parathas and Maggie.

Parathas, Maggie and curd rice with pickles became our staple food for the vacation. That day we relaxed in the hotel.


Next day we decided to go sightseeing. We inquired at the front desk and short listed 2-3 places closer to Almora the nearest town. The town is popular amongst travelers for its colourful and vibrant look. It is a business hub of Kumaon region and a tourist attraction for Angora clothes. There is a spot called Bright End Corner around 2 kms from Almora where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset. Swami Vivekanand visited this very same spot and then went to the Himalayas.

Jageshwar – near Binsar in Uttarakhand

Our first stop was Jageshwar temple. It is a bundle of more than 100 temples. But puja is carried out in only 4-5 temples. The temples are of various sizes, small to large. There is a story that the temples were first built by Pandavas in wood. However, it was reconstructed in around 7th – 12th century in stone structures.

The place is surrounded by forest of Deodar trees. The serenity of the place is enhanced by the coolness of the trees around it. It is very soulful and calming to visit this temple premises. The people there have maintained this old heritage of our incredible india in great condition.


Apparently this is one of many  bundle of temples found in India and is considered to be a ‘dham’ or ‘place for pilgrim’.

Chitai Golu Devta – near Binsar in Uttarakhand

After visiting Jageshwar, we went to visit the temple of Chitai Golu Devta. I was expecting a standard local temple with a panditji and one bell at the entrance. What I was not expecting was lane full of bells tied one after the other by various people. These people wrote their wishes, goals, achievements on a letter. Then they tied it to the bells asking for blessings from Golu Devta. You can read all the letters tied there.

This is why I love traveling. I am not a believer. But as you see people believing in an external power to this extent, then it starts rubbing off on you too!!

I was expecting a normal vacation in Binsar in Uttarakhand but these places made our visit worthwhile.


The next day we spent in Nainital. You can read about what to see in Nainital here in our separate blog – Nainital and Jim Corbett National Park. Do not forget to do boating in the Nainital lake. Walking on the street next to the lake in Nainital was one of our best memorable experience.

Club Mahindra Binsar

Our stay with Club Mahindra Binsar Valley was romantic at its best. There were lovely places amidst nature where we could talk for hours without anyone disturbing us.

There were many spots where we could click some lovely photos.

They arranged a candlelight dinner for us at the request of my husband, which was special for both of us. And the best part was our room had a balcony overlooking the valley, where I could sit to read.

The travel arranged by the hotel for our sightseeing was comfortable too.

Binsar in Uttarakhand was truly a memorable trip for us!

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