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The Lit up story…


Jab mein chhota bachcha tha…badi shararat karata tha.. 

This is what we remember when we think of lights; isn’t it? When we were small, life was simple enough to have one bulb and one tubelight in a room to make it self sufficient.

But with changing times houses and home decor changed. In new types of houses, there are false ceilings, wooden panels and side panels, which scream for their ideal lights and lamps. A perfect lighting in the house makes all the difference. It works wonders not only on your room decor but also on your moods. Dim lighting = romance….sounds familiar? But this planning should be made at the time of new house or at the time of renovation.

This is an effort to understand the use of lights and lamps effectively yet maintain uniqueness in the decor –

1. More than a single light source

Do not rely on a single light source in the house. Key is to mix various lights from various levels.
Layering of lights can give awesome effect as shown in the picture. Even if you are far from renovating your house, you can get a book shelf done to introduce lights in the room.

2. Finding a perfect pair

You can add a pair of lamps matching with your room decor.  Syncing the lamps is a perfect way of getting the lights right.

3. Sculptures and lights

You can buy that single master piece which can combine the effect of sculpture as well as  lamp. No need to go into complicated fixtures and fittings.

4. Overhead lighting

When we think of a center piece, we always think of a chandelier.  But a simple monochrome overhead lamp like this can in fact increase the glamour of your dining room.


5. Use dimmers

Centre pieces like these too give a modern look to your living room. But use of dimmers will help you to set the tone of lighting.

6. Closet lighting

Do not ignore your closet. Some recession lighting is much needed to distinguish between ‘pink’ and ‘mauve pink’.

7 Spotlight on the art

Do not forget to illuminate those special art works you want to flaunt with the spotlights.

Use these ideas and go light up your corner!!

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