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Rice Rasam meal plan

We understand when you say – kaunsa metime, kahan hai metime, mujhe toh nahin dikh raha hai!! So we wanted to contribute and hence came up with these 30 minute meal plans! You can easily cook up these meals in flat 30 minutes if you do the prep right. Rice Rasam is our most favourite.

Imagine, it has been raining heavily while you are coming back from office, and in spite of wearing a raincoat, you are drenched through! Then, you come home and you have to cook. But, because you have been extremely clever and closely following our tips on how to be kitchen-smart, you are able to quickly whip up a hot meal within 10-15 minutes. This is especially heaven in this type of weather, so you sit down to enjoy it with your family!! Doesn’t that sound like the perfect thing to happen?

You know, we keep saying rice is a staple food of South India, whereas the fact is that the whole of India just cannot survive without rice as a meal item. North Indians cannot survive without biryani, people from West Bengal, Orissa, find it hard to survive without fish and rice, Gujjus have to have their daal-khichadi, Marwadis find gatta pulao irresistible, for Maharashtrians, it’s the traditional waran-bhaat. Even our Eastern sisters are not without their own rice speciality; they combine rice with either boiled veggies, pulses, meat or fish. Even among the alcohol consumed there, the most favorite one is a rice-beer, named Apong!

So, today we will look at yet another rice meal plan, which is easy enough to make but delicious as well as healthy for our tummies:

 Rice Rasam Meal Plan:

Rice, pickles and the spiciness of rasam always remind me of childhood and happy memories. Those smells remind me of our mother’s preparations

  • Steamed Rice
  • Piping hot Rasam
  • Plain Curd
  • Pickle
  • Green salad
  • Papad

Rasam and Rice:

First thing you need to do is to put the cooker on gas for steamed rice. You will be able to manage the rest of preparations till the time rice will be ready.

Next target will be rasam. You can prepare rasam from directly rasam powder or you can have rasam made from daal. Rasam powders (like MTR, Everest, etc) can be bought directly online or you can prepare it in bulk and store it.   Remember during our Sunday prep sessions, we asked you to be ready with cooked toor dal. Now today that cooked dal will be helpful for you for daal rasam. Use the recipe links and get the piping hot rasam ready!!


Plain curd also can be bought from your local grocer or online, or you can easily set curd in the morning before leaving office. You will get yummy curd by the time you reach home.


You also need to stock on some yummy pickles. Again they can be home made or bought out. But they add spice to your normal meals. Mango pickle especially goes really well with Rasam Rice meal.

Salad and Papad:

You can chose the vegetables of your choice from your Sunday prep and prepare a quick salad. Do not add anything other than salt, pepper and lemon. Get the papads roasted (mirgund papad or rice flaks papad would go awesome with this) and your meal for the evening is ready. Sounds delicious?

Your rasam recipe will take 10 minutes and rest of the preparation will not take more than 5 minutes. so with steamed rice, your entire meal plan can be ready in 20 minutes. And even earlier, if you can get someone to help you. Sounds attractive enough to try it? Especially on a monsoon night? Your kids will love you for that. And I am sure you would love us for this 30 minute meal plan!

Meal planning is all about getting resourceful in kitchen. Planning in advance, pre-ordering and storing the right kind of food in your pantry, using the food as planned to avoid wastages or all pre requisites of a successful meal planning. And it gets better by doing it again and again. So do not stop planning just because you messed up once. Also, do share your experiences if you try our latest meal plan.

See you in next week!

Till then happy cooking, gals!!

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