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Fun me-time activities to do at home

I have not been at home for this long since my last pregnancy. The reason everyone knows is of course Covid-19. What would I do at home? I know I would be stuck to Netflix when I don’t have kids around and when I don’t have any office deliverable coming. I definitely don’t want that to happen. So what fun me-time activities can I plan for myself, when I have got this opportunity to stay at home!

When I think of me-time other than Netflix, I generally think of books. But again, I do not want to restrict myself to what I have been doing earlier. So what do I do that might be out of my comfort zone and I do not get time to do otherwise –

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Fun me-time activities to do at home

1. Plant seeds and take care of them

Yup! This I can definitely try. We have got a terrace and I can acquire 2-3 potters from my mother in law. I can learn from her how to look after the plants and actually do it myself. I would love to get my hands dirty!

2. Reading newspapers can be fun me-time activity

There are so many things in the newspapers that are not related to daily news. They give additional information about many topics such as health, political and foreign relations, sports, new businesses, new books published, etc. I would have a cup of tea by myself and take ample amount of time to read through the newspaper in detail. This is one leisure activity I cannot afford to spend time on a daily basis.

3. My Pinterest activity: Colour the bottles

This is my oldest dream of having the bottles painted by me and place them everywhere around the house. I have been trying to find time to do that. But now that I do have time, what am I going to do about it. I found just the video I will need for it –

4. Creating wall art out of kids drawings

My elder one is 12 years old and younger one is 7 years old. So I have years and years of messy colours and lovely emotions flowing in my kids artwork. I hate to throw it away, but I am not sure how to display them. There are like thousands of interesting ways in which you can re use your kids drawings as a decor item. I also have an option to make it into a coffee table scrap book. So I think I am going for it. Make it another pinterest project probably!! I love this one by!!

5. Maintaining a daily journal

I think, if I maintain a daily journal at least for this time period, it would help me in offloading any excess stress, chaos and mess I have collected in my mind during the day. It would help me be grateful of the time I have to spend with my family and kids.

6. Blogging as a fun me-time activities

Of course, blogging is one of my favorite fun me-time activity to do at home. So you will get a chance to see more of my travel stories (throwback, of course), those I have been procrastinating.

7. Take a leisurely bath

Right, this may sound a bit funny. But yes, I am going to upgrade my bath a little, by adding scented candles or aromatherapy, self massage and some soothing tunes. Shower time can be the best me-time you know (Apart from being the best we-time, of course (winks..)!)

If the last time you had quality ‘me time’ was ‘peeing with the toilet door closed’, join the club! (Ref:

Join me, in fact to use this extra time on hand for myself, doing something that I genuinely love!

I think these fun me-time activities at home will help us keep sane during a time of stress and keep us healthy too! What do you think?

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