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Bollywood Songs to Lift Your Spirits Up

Heartbroken? Failed an exam? Faced hostile keyboard warriors? Feeling blue? Lets go through my playlist of Bollywood Songs to lift your spirits up!

There are days when you feel down and out. It’s totally normal. But then, life doesn’t stop and you have to do what you do otherwise. Work, relationships, travel. But how do you cope on days when you simply want to curl up under the blanket and not see another human face again in your life?

Bollywood to the rescue! Bollywood has a plethora of songs to match your mood. Whether you want to calm down, boost yourself up, get motivated, cry your heart out, or simply drown your thoughts in some noise, there’s a Bollywood song that is apt for your situation. Bollywood music offers you everything from work out soundtracks to heartbreak ones. You just have to take your pick out of the lot.

It’s really amazing what music can do for you. Never tried it? We suggest you to try it out now!

So, which songs are best for cheering you up? Here’s the list!

Bollywood Songs To Lift Your Spirits Up On A Sad Day

Aas Paas Hai Khuda from Anjaana Anjaani

When you’re really low and feel all alone in this world, this song comes to the rescue. It is the kind of song that makes you think again about your decision to just give up. If you are wondering if life is worth living, listen to this song. It is perfect for days when you cannot just get over the workload but cannot give up either. This song tells you that you are right in your place and God is always with you.

Jaane Kyun from Dostana

The “I’ll be alright” chorus in the song is one of the best things I like. It always takes me back to the great times I had with my friends and the song reminds me that friends are always there for you. You just need to reach out. It is very reassuring in times when we feel that we have lost all support and now we are alone. A great song and a great mood-lifter. A great video as well (wink, wink).

Gazab Ka Hai Din from Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

The movie might have ended on a tragic note but the songs are to die for (not literally). Gazab Ka Hai Din sounds fresh even after so many years and will remind you of your first crush or first love. It’s all about how the day is full of sunshine and happiness – just what you need on a low day. Close your eyes and listen to it. I guarantee you will have a smile on your lips by the end of it.

Zehnaseeb from Hasee Toh Phasee

This song is a must-listen no matter what phase you’re at in your relationship. This isna beautiful romantic song that will help you overcome heartbreak and relive the hood times you spent together. You can let go of all the sadness and baggage that accompanies a relationship and move on in life. Perfect for those who have suffered a recent heartbreak and need some motivation in life to move on.

Allah Ke Bande from Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part 2

This song is apt for any situation you are looking to get up from. “Jo bhi hai, kal phir aayega..” are such powerful words that remind you that this is not the end of the world and there’s yet another day for you to explore your options. Lovely song by Kailash Kher.

Do any of these songs feature in your playlist? Which songs do you listen to when you feel low? Share your feel-good song list here!

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