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Waterfalls Near Pune

It’s raining outside. I peep out of my window and see greenery everywhere! The traveler in me has woken-up in search of monsoon activities! I am tired staying at home to avoid the scorching heat and now it’s time to pack my bags and go on a monsoon travel! So, begins my search with waterfalls near Pune. I see photos of places like Bhushi dam, Lohagad, Tamhini flooded with people. Oh no! That’s not what I want, I say! We need to go to some place which is a bit offbeat, having less crowd.

And my search brings me to unique gems. Jagtap and Khandi falls and Thokarwadi dam!

How to reach:

If you are travelling from Pune, take the old Mumbai-Pune highway. Take a turn at Kanhe phata and drive all the way to Khandi. You will first witness the Jagtap falls and then Bendewadi and Laalwadi.

Jagtap waterfalls:

This is a privately owned waterfall and the owner has smartly built steps below it making it the best place for photos! Insta lovers alert!! The water gathers along the steps making a small pond on the top and it beautifully gushes down the steps. But everything comes with a price and so does Jagtap waterfall. They charge RS 100 as the entry to the fall and RS 150 on a Sunday.

Khandi waterfalls – Bendewadi and Laalwadi waterfalls:

After going to Jagtap waterfalls you can head towards Khandi village. You will see a number of waterfalls on the way and the drive is absolutely scenic! Also, you can stop at any waterfall to enjoy the place. As yours might be the only group there, you will get a waterfall all by yourself. A few waterfalls can be climbed to the top and you will be treated with the Thokarwadi dam view.

After going ahead for about 15 kms or so, you reach Laalwadi waterfalls. To reach the waterfall you have to wade through a water stream. The waterfalls are truly a scenic site with the water just gushing down from the water cliff! You would be pleasantly stunned by the huge water that flows through the fall.

After soaking in water here you can head to Bendewadi waterfalls which is at a stone’s throw distance from Laalwadi. Bendewadi is a hidden surprise which starts with water flowing down like a stream and as you go ahead you witness a huge fall! Haah! Sounds like a movie scene, doesn’t it?

Thokarwadi dam and backwaters:

If this still hasn’t satiated your thirst for water, take a stroll at the backwaters of Thokarwadi dam. They are a complete treat. Also, there are small dam like structures created at many places and you can just stop and enjoy by taking a dip!

 Tip: Take a break on a weekday and go out on this magic trail. I bet you would find these places all to yourself! Avoid going on a Sunday as although it is not badly crowded here, the Lonavla route would be crowded, and you could end up stuck in a traffic jam.

Also at many places near the falls, people ask you to pay 50 RS for parking. You just park at a minute’s distance from where you are and end up paying the amount. Instead you can park outside as there is a lot of place there. The walk is anyways beautiful, so you can enjoy that as well save up on the moneys!!

What to Eat:

A trip in rain is incomplete without a cup of hot Chai, pakoda, corn and/or hot Maggie. You will get many locals preparing these delicious items fresh for you. Enjoy them with your heart’s content, and don’t worry about your diets for one day!

What to carry:

Do not miss these travel essentials during your monsoon travel –


Add these places to your bucket list! Beautiful weather, rains and a perfect travel partner. That’s all you need in the rainy season.

Just pick up a few clothes, your car keys and get going! Happy monsoon travels!!

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