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Fun travel activities at home

With the onset of the deadly coronavirus, travel has become a distant dream! It is declared as a pandemic by WHO and in the light of travel advisory being issued, we all are trying to stay safe by avoiding travel. I know it is difficult for true travelers to stay at home! Hence here is a list of travel related activities which you can do at home and enjoy your dream trip virtually!

Fun travel activities at home

1. Fun with the Maps:

This is one activity which we love doing as a family.We recently bought a world map and it sits above our daughter’s bed. We all gather there and sit and explore the map. The map also has flight routes mentioned, so we discuss on how can we reach a place by flight from India. We all discuss about our dream destinations which then turns into travel discussion. We then think of places that we had read about in our books and search for them on the map. We spend a very nice quality time together and the activity sometimes goes on for hours together.

If you don’t have the world map, you can buy the map from Amazon at the below link:

2. Watch travel related shows:

Another favorite activity as a family for us is watching travel shows. Travel and Living, TLC, TravelXP, National Geographic are some of our favorite channels. The exotic locations shown in these shows immediately flow into your bucket list! I also love when they cook the local dishes. Completely Yummy! Then there are shows like Man Vs Wild which take you through all sort of adventure activities close to nature. And that too along with a celebrity. I just love the show. It shows how petty we are in front of nature. And that no man is a celebrity when it comes to facing the nature in its wilderness.

3. Read travel books:

Have you ever scanned the travel magazine section in bookstores? The TravelXP and National Geographic magazines are a treat! Do subscribe them if you love reading such magazines.

Nat Geo also has a few books which you must treasure! Click on this link to browse –

You will also like our blog on the famous books on travel – Books on Travel.

Find a cozy place in your home, Grab some coffee and travel virtually through these books.


4. Arrange your travel photos:

Do you have a pile of hard-copies of photos which you always wanted to arrange in an album, but that day never arrived! Now is the right time! You can arrange all those photos and write those lovely memories on the album.This can be done for softcopies of the photos also. Arrange them in folders.You will surely re-live those old days.

You can also refer: 15 Travel Scrapbooking ideas for a Globetrotter

This travel scrapbook can be a good buy if you plan to buy one –

5. Write a travel journal

This is again one activity which we procrastinate about.We decide to pen down the memories and then completely forget about it when we get busy in our daily chores. You can now use the time at hand and pen down those wonderful travel memories of yours in a travel journal.

If you are planning to buy a new journal, we have a recommendation for you:

Have fun with the travel activities at home!

While travelling is not possible, let’s all say #gocorona, so that we can pack our bags again and travel!

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