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Travel resolutions for your birthday

Have you heard about this new concept called ‘Travel resolutions for your birthday’. Things have changed a lot with regards to travel in the past few decades. Earlier travel was considered a thing of a handful lucky few. It was considered a waste of money by many others. Whereas now we can see there are many people who have taken up travel as a full time profession and are making a life out of it. The millennials are taking a break from their studies to travel. Earlier when owning a house or a car was considered as the ultimate ‘settling down’, now taking up different experiences in life is considered more important!

My very own mother is on a travel spree. After her retirement, I can just see her packing bags and heading to lovely destinations every other month. She travels with my dad, my masi, her friends and is having the time of her life! Nowadays I just gift her a trip on her birthday or my parent’s anniversary.

With so much happening in the travel arena, I can see that many people now set travel related goals for their birthdays or anniversaries.

I would bring out a list of the things which you can plan on your milestone birthday or anniversary:

Travel resolutions for your birthday

Treks equal to your age:

If you are a trekker, then the perfect travel resolution for your birthday would be to do as many treks as the number of years you are ageing by. A friend of mine who is a trekker planned on his 39th birthday that he would do 40 treks till his 40th birthday. And off he was every other weekend on a trek. He did treks with his family, with the trek groups, with his friends and even a few solo treks. Finally on his 40th birthday when I saw a post of the details of his hiking adventures, I was zapped by his dedication and love for trekking. Imagine 40 treks a years means nearly 3 treks a month. Also how understanding his family must be to allow him to trek that frequently!


Here are few tips to celebrate his Quarantine birthday in swag!!

Visit Countries equal to your age:

This ‘Monte Carlo’ vacation is the favourite amongst the avid travelers. There are many 20 and 30 years old planning this. Many people think that just visiting a number of countries to add to the count might be pointless but there are many others who believe that their passion for travel can only be  reflected by doing so! The favorite amongst the travelers is Europe as you can visit as many as 26 countries on a single Visa. Also the countries are very beautiful and every traveler’s delight. While it might not be possible to visit those many countries in a year or so, you can plan years ahead so that you achieve this!

Take up a extreme sport on your birthday:

If you have a specific adventure in your mind, then you can go ‘Zindagi Milegi na Dobara’ and master it by your birthday. There are classes for scuba diving, sky diving, skiing, wakeboarding, etc. You can take such classes and plan the adventure activity on your birthday. I am sure it will be completely liberating.

scuba diving

There are many parents who also gift such activities to their kids on their milestone birthdays.

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See how Sushmita Sen gifted her younger daughter Alisah her first scuba diving lessons on her 10th birthday:



Celebrating milestone anniversary at a special location:

If you are celebrating a milestone anniversary like 10th, 15th or 25th etc then you can set some #couplegoals by taking couple trip to some exotic countries. Our own Kalyani Phadke recently took time off and celebrated her 15th anniversary at Greece and her photos spoke all love!


Another plan can be to celebrate your milestone anniversary at the same location where you had your honeymoon.Think of how wonderful it would be to re-live those old days and to discuss on how much the place has changed!

Are you nearing a milestone birthday? And an avid traveler? Then do take up these travel resolutions for your birthday and don’t forget to write to us!

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