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Declutter your schedule and make room for daily me time

Women love to do it all. We consider ourselves perfectionists and hence in spite of a hectic schedule throughout the week, we do it all! But, be it a homemaker or a working woman, a tiring day makes us dry out of power till the dusk! So, how do you declutter your schedule and make room for some daily me time?

Our ever engaging and never-ending list of chores drag us to the all over the house to pick up that unkempt biscuit packet laying on the platform to the heap of clothes to be ironed once more!

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To overcome your daily fight, here are quick tips for your daily and weekly schedule to declutter your time!

Plot this decluttered schedule to make room for daily me time –

Friday Fridge Cleaning Session

From what is there to what is required, keep a day in a week to monitor your fridge. Use this time to also make an immediately visible list to be placed on the fridge door.

You can keep this activity on every Friday so you get the weekend to stock in things.

Saturday For Cleaning

We need to have cleanliness as priority but everyday cannot be that day! Keep one day a week to wipe your appliances head to toe to make them sparkling clean.

From fridge to microwave, from kitchen trolleys to mixer, take this little weekly effort to control the daily mess.

Sunday For Vegetable Cutting And Sorting

Take blanching to rescue as you fear cutting and storing vegetables in freezers! You can turn this into a nice Sunday family activity as you have a family movie night. I am sure this schedule will definitely gain you some daily me time.

Weekly Ironing Sessions

Washing and ironing clothes on the same day is a big no-no as it only adds chaos to the existing daily routine of yours. Choose a day where you sit in this heap of un-pressed clothes to iron them together! Get those ear phones out and listen to some soulful music as you do so. This kind of decluttered scheduling seems like a lot less unproductive work turned into boosting your personal unwinding!

Prepare Half Cooked Meals In The Morning Itself

A lot of you might need fresh food from the stove to your plates, but having an extra vegetable prepared in the morning itself will only lessen your time in kitchen in the evening. It will also grant you that extra slice of daily me time!

Ladies, it’s time to declutter your schedule and make room for daily me time!

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