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5 Stress busters For A Calm Week Ahead

We present you 5 stress busters for a calm week ahead. As we understand gearing up for the fun year end party is no joke, you also want to work on stress management in your me-time to keep calm throughout the week.

Venues and destination hopping, deciding the perfect place and food to hog on before the year ends to celebration planning on our list; with 31st ringing its bell within a week apart, let’s not forget 2019 before it ends!!

“The best stress buster is keeping yourself busy with positive distractions – Joseph L” 

Here is a quick me-time checklist to indulge before we bid goodbyes to our year and welcome 2020 with zest! Plan your own stress buster –

5 stress busters for a calm week ahead

1. Go On A Shopping Spree With Ma

With both your favorites, what could be a better stress buster for a calm week than this?

Be it buying Christmas gifts to those souvenirs for your 31st party, you know she is your best shopping partner till date.

Besides, no one gives in the real answer to Does this look good on me than Ma!

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2. Say Hi To Christmas

Buy that Christmas Tree you were longing for since your childhood and get set decorating it with all the fervor and lights!

With the last week approaching with a lighting pace, slow down and spend awhile with your loved ones.

Remember to place small mementos as an X-mas surprise for them too!

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christmas celebration

3. Get Yourself A Facial Done for stress management

Even if it is too late to remember, don’t stop loving yourself!

Get yourself a facial booked and be in all the happy times with yourself before the year ends!

4. Gorge On Your Favorite Snack as a stress buster

From Pani Puri to Pasta, from your favorite maa ke hath ki bhendi ki sabji to that thela ka butter chicken, food can be your best stress buster!

Eat your heart out as you are transiting from a year to another!

Your entire last week should be diet-free, right? Winks!


5. Dance Your Way Out

2019 bought in some grooving numbers and it is mandatory we dance to these songs just to recollect how our year started!!

Turn your YouTube on and get along with the wind! Manage your stress by dancing to these tunes!

Girls, sip your last brewed 2k19 coffee as you use these stress busters to calm yourself!

Count those beautiful blessings and experiences while you chalk your goals for 2020!

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