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7 Fun couple games for a rocking party

Parties and get togethers are the places to let go of that unnecessary stress and enjoy with favourite group of people. Fun games and activities at any party or celebration help form long lasting memories. Generally, if you are meeting someone new or have been meeting regularly or going out on a long travel, then conversations die out. You don’t find new subjects to discuss or talk about. So along with good food and good music, you need some fun activities to turn any boring dinner into a rocking party.

Your friends may be of different kinds – some shy, some extroverts, etc. The party may be at your house or just a dinner during your group travel. Interesting fun games and activities at any bring out the kid in you. So apart from the drinking games, these are few fun couple games for a rocking party. Take your pick –

1. Conversation starters

You can keep these conversation starters in a jar and keep them at appropriate places in your house. Or you can carry these jars with you when you travel. You can ask a couple pick any chit and talk about the questions written in the chit.

Here are some questions you can include in your conversation starter jar – Questions for conversation starter jar!!

2. Guess the celebrity

Write the name of the celebrity and stick it on the back of all the participants. One person from the couple will ask other one questions which would help him / her to guess who that person is. The answers for these questions will be be mere ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The person will guess the celebrity name based on the answers. The couple who guesses both the celebrities first wins.

3. Find your mate in the bag

Cover the faces of participants with paper bags. Each one has to find his / her own partner without talking or saying anything. The couple who finds each other first is the winner.

4. Garage sale

Give a piece of paper to all the participants. Ask them to write the name of anything from home, which they would like get rid of. Also ask them to write 3 reasons for doing so. Now ask them to read out their chit by replacing the name of the thing with the name of their spouse. It can be extremely hilarious by ensure that all the participants take this sportingly as it might get a bit insulting.

5. Picture perfect

Form 2-3 groups and hand them a piece of blank paper on which picture is to be drawn. The group selects one of them who will draw pictures. The person will get a list of things to be drawn on the blank paper. He / she will draw the pictures and allow the group to guess without saying a word. The group will identify the things based on picture drawn on the blank paper.

6. True or false

All the participants in the group are handed a paper and they are supposed to write 5 truths and 5 lies about themselves. The paper will then be handed over their spouse who needs to separate the truths from the lies. The couple who does this correctly wins.

7. Hoopla ring

Take a big hoopla ring and ask the couples to stand in a line. When the music starts, the couple will pass through the hoopla ring and then pass it on to the next couple who will continue to do the same. The couple which has the hoopla ring when the music stops is the loser. They will be eliminated and the game will continue with the rest of the players. You can also give the eliminated couple some sort of punishment for losing to make the game more interesting.

So start planning your next party and do not forget to include these fun couple games!

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