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5 must watch Bollywood movies

Do you watch Bollywood movies often? Also, do you eat, sleep, and breathe Hindi Cinema? And do you have a filmy dialogue ready for every occasion? If you have ticked any if these three boxes, you’re a Bollywood fan! Ticked more than one? You’re a hardcore Hindi movie buff! And if you are a certified Hindi movie buff then you cannot miss these 5 must watch bollywood movies!

You’re the one who religiously checks out all releases at the beginning of each year. You wait for your favorite star’s movie to release and bag first day first show tickets. You’re not ashamed to watch your favorite movies 3 times in the theatre, yet watch its reruns on TV. You love the cheesy dialogues in the movies, even though you may be a tough, practical person in real life.

If these lines describe you, you must watch these amazing Bollywood movies to become the ultimate Bollywood fan!

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5 must watch Bollywood movies for every hindi movie buff


The tragic love story of Salim and Anarkali is portrayed in this epic historical drama. Dilip Kumar as the angst-ridden Salim, Madhubala as the beautiful yet strong Anarkali and Prithviraj Kapoor as the righteous and just Akbar are perfect in their roles. This movie is also the first black-and-white movie to be released in a digitally coloured version in 2004. The song “Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya” is an evergreen hit and its camera work is still talked about.


From cast to dialogues, Sholay is a perfect example of an action-packed Bollywood masala movie. Even today, Gabbar Singh’s iconic “Kitne aadmi the?” is quoted frequently and remembered fondly. And who can forget the songs and the Jai-Veeru friendship. The Dhanno-Basanti camaraderie is on a different level. Every single character right from the main ones to Surma Bhopali, Jailer Saab, Mausiji, Maulvi, and Samba are memorable. Even if you’ve watched it umpteen times, watch it once again!

Amar Akbar Anthony

Amidst the high religious tension that’s taking place nowadays, this movie comes as a means of reinforcing your faith in equality. What happens when three brothers are separated atva young age and are raised by people of different faiths? Amar Akbar Anthony is the answer! The trio grow up without knowing about each other and often come across each other in unwanted ways. However, they do realize their connection later. And in a bizarre scene involving Sai Baba and a blind woman regaining her eyesight also legit moved us to tears!

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Ahem! This is the coming-of-age movie of most movie buffs of my generation. If you’ve never imagined running into a mustard field into the arms of a waiting SRK (so handsome! Sigh!), then you’ve missed out on quite a lot! Though after so many years and multiple viewings, the dialogues seem cheesy and the story crazy, I still watch it whenever it comes on TV. Who can forget the iconic “Ja Simran Ja?” It’s still a trending phrase! The melodious songs are a hit as well even now. It is the longest running film in Indian history with shows still on at Maratha Mandir!

Rang De Basanti

Running in two parallel timelines that give us an insight into the independence struggle as well as the current day challenges, this Bollywood movie is a must-watch for all movie buffs. Corruption, loss, justice and many other themes are addressed in the movie. A.R. Rahman’s music deserves a separate mention. With outstanding performances and a solid storyline, Rang De Basanti is a movie every Bollywood fan must watch!

Have you seen all of these must watch Bollywood movies? Have we missed any movie? Do let us know in the comments!

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